Low Key Summer

It’s been pretty chill around our household lately and it’s honestly been kind of nice that way. The weather was hit or miss this weekend, which lended itself to a nice relaxing weekend spent not doing a ton but yet still feeling accomplished in life in general. Our only real events last week were a Tuesday date night out to our favorite restaurant in Seattle, Harvest Vine, for our third wedding anniversary and our usual Thursday night out at FareStart. We had a great meal at Harvest Vine, per usual, and we are so lucky that we can walk there on foot. Bryan dined in with Reese at FareStart while I got to volunteer.

Snacking and watching TV with her daddy

So, we have both been trying to kick some healthy habits into gear. I’ve been trying to regularly get to a fun and laid back, yet intense, strength training class on Wednesday afternoons (the one perk of being in Redmond because I like this class a lot). I’ve also been trying to scale back post-dinner snacks or to at least make them healthy ones. I’ve been doing pretty good but it helps to have Bryan in on it as well. Bryan decided on his own to kick start fitness with a new fitness app he discovered and has been doing some hardcore workouts at home! We each did two of our strength training videos at home this weekend (one on Saturday and one on Sunday) and Reese loves to watch/participate. We also went for a 4-mile run together in the Arboretum with Reese after work on Friday, something we are usually way too tired to do on Friday but this time I think it really set the mood for the weekend.

Reese loves swings

In addition to being a little bit more active, we have also been trying to eat balanced meals. We managed to cook dinner at home all three nights this weekend, had brunch at Macrina after church Sunday morning, and did our usual pancakes for Saturday brunch. We did celebrate Lottie turning one Saturday afternoon with a walk over to Sarah’s, some cake, snacks and sparkling wine. Watching the girls together is just so much fun.

I honestly don’t know where the weekend went though. It seemed to fly by, yet it didn’t seem like we were ever either bored or that busy doing anything. I do think I spent about 40% of the weekend watching Reese walk around. She is so excited to have learned a new trick and literally has been doing laps around the house. Oh, and we did do a lot of dancing!


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