SeaFair 2019

SeaFair may be a cluster and a half in Seattle and may be better when you own a boat but it’s still a weekend that Bryan and I enjoy immensely, given our history and how we met especially. This year was no different and this year we got to share the fun with Reese. The weekend wasn’t only occupied with SeaFair events however. There was a whole lot going on.

Saturday morning I took a 4 hour course on first aid and CPR that was held at our church. There were about 20 of us and I think I was the only non daycare center or preschool teacher worker. It was an odd feeling to be back in that type of class again. After sitting through that lengthy (but practical and beneficial) of a workshop I was ready to get to my company’s summer picnic at Magnusson Park. I was about 6 minutes from the picnic location, set to arrive around noon, when the Jeep’s clutch stopped working and I pulled over to the side of the road and called for a tow. Bryan and Reese came to join me and two hours later the tow truck showed up. Now we were arriving at the picnic at 2 pm but all was good because baby girl was sound asleep meaning we could demolish a plate of BBQ before she woke up. There were many kids at the picnic and we soaked our feet in the lake, played some corn hole, got some fake tattoos, ate cookies and snow cones and then headed to the playground to finish off the day. We got back home around 6 pm after a full day of activities and Reese appeared to not be feeling her very best. Bryan and I passed out before even 10 pm.

Sunday morning Reese woke up a bit cranky and obviously not feeling 100%. We took it easy that morning, I forwent my soccer game and we celebrated with 11 month pancakes instead. We toyed around outside on the back deck and when Reese appeared to be feeling a bit better we decided to try and meet up with our friends along Lake Washington for the Blue Angels show at 3 pm. David and Tina were lucky enough to have floated and Stephan and Ewelina made it for the show, now that they are back in Seattle for a few months. The show started and Reese was none too pleased about it. She was apparently giggling when the planes flew overhead on Friday but on this day she’d cry every time she heard them. I think it was her state more than anything else. Once the show wrapped up she was back to more of herself and we chatted with our friends as long as we could before having to head home to clean up quickly before our concert/date night. We had tickets to the Fitz and the Tantrums/Young the Giant concert in Marymoor Park with Mark and Kati. We got a sitter for the night and enjoyed a few hours of hanging outside, eating food from a food truck, getting some drinks from the drink tent and listening to our favorite band. They were phenomenal but their set was too short and we were sitting far too far back. We still had a good time before we headed home to get ready for the week ahead.

Reese woke up not feeling great Monday morning and I almost decided to stay home with her until she seemed to click out of it pretty good around 7:30 am so I went to work. The Jeep should be back on the road at the latest Friday. Until then I have the company car for the week. The weekend didn’t quite go as planned but we still had a good time and it was a good start to our anniversary.


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