It Was a Hot One…

We had one toasty week. I partly loved it and I partly sweltered in it. I can’t handle it as well as I used to. But Reese doesn’t seem to mind too much, she still likes to go outside, sit in the grass, and splash around in the water. There’s AC at work, which is a nice reprieve from our house, and we had the window AC unit running at night to keep things as cool as we can.

Aside from the heat though, it had been a typical week, until Bryan left for a work trip. We enjoyed dinner outside a few days last week, we picked up no-heat-required poke bowls one day, and we had the usual FareStart night. We spent two weekends in a row catching up with the Tung family of four. It was the first time we got to meet their newest member of the family and Reese and Ainsley, despite being two plus years apart, played so well together and were so cute with one another. Reese was having a ball…hopefully Ainsley enjoyed it. The second time around was for Billy’s Father’s Day BBQ and we enjoyed their amazing backyard, the water table, ribs, and live orchestra music! We had such a good time.

But that second occasion came after Reese had a bout of fever. No other symptoms were noted other than her being very hot and lethargic. She is definitely over it now but still quite slow and not as spunky as usual. She mainly just wants to cuddle all day long. I spent Friday at home with her and we enjoyed snuggling on the couch and watching TV mostly. We did go on a nice long walk, which she has enjoyed during and since being sick. When Bryan got home we all walked to pick up Thai food to enjoy in the park. Her fever broke Saturday morning fortunately and she enjoyed a long walk/run with us while we made some fitness goals for ourselves moving forward.

And our glorious weekend with great weather for Bryan’s first Father’s Day ended with us celebrating together before taking Bryan to the airport to go to a management workshop in St. Louis. We enjoyed brunch outside at our first date place, Both Ways Cafe, which was delicious as usual. We said our goodbyes to Daddy and then Reese and I explore a new park, Seahurst Park in Burien for a few hours, picked up some mulch and a hanging basket and then headed home. We ended our night with a long walk to Miller Park to play and then picked up Menchies on our way home.

Flying solo during the week is interesting. It’s definitely something I can handle just fine but it’s so much better when the both of us are at home. Reese and I had an active Monday night. We went for another run through the Arboretum and had fun chasing one another around the house. We had a social night on Tuesday when we went over to interview Ryuhei for our upcoming Bachelorette Party games and then picked up dinner for me at U Village, which I ate one-handed while watching/helping Reese climb the stairs and go down the slide at their little playground there. It’s the perfect height for her and she just loves it! She didn’t want to leave. We had a more relaxing Wednesday night at home before being back out there for our night at FareStart on Thursday for a delicious dinner and all of our favorite friends volunteering.

I tried to get stuff done around the house after I put baby girl down for the night, since I don’t have my usual companion to hang out with, and I was able to get a fair amount done!

  • Weeded the front and back “yards”
  • Mulched in the front and back
  • Finished laundry and put away clothes
  • Finished cleaning out our bathroom cabinets
  • Packed for Portland
  • Returned some items
  • Made the video for Polly’s Bach

It was a busy week, with me wrapping up my days to finally sit down on the couch around 9:30 PM but I’m glad I tackled a lot of items that had been on my To-Do list. And now I am off to Portland to enjoy a girls weekend, which I think I deserve!

Reese featuring her new cap.


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