A Mother’s First

My first Mother’s Day Weekend was a sunny one, a joyful one, a relaxing one and a social one. I was surprised by how many messages I received wishing me a good Mother’s Day and I was amazed by how much reflection I had on the past year entering into motherhood. I do feel like I have been added to a private club; one that is extensive and impressive. I feel truly blessed that I have such a fun-loving and wonderful little girl and I hope that she will continue to find me to be someone to look up to for a while longer, if not forever, like I have with my own mom.

So on to the details of the weekend…

It was a hot one for the majority of it and when I left work on Friday it was already around 80. Bryan had a celebratory happy hour at work so baby girl and I took a walk to the park to do some swinging and some crawling around in the grass. She mostly likes to just watch the other kids playing around her. We came back home and waited for Bryan to put the little girl down before we rented and watched a movie and decompressed from the week.

I got flowers of my own but I also had fun picking out some flowers for fellow mama Sarah to give to her when picking up Reese on Friday.

For Saturday, we had contemplated going hiking but both of us were a little spent from the week, it was going to be hot, most areas are still snow covered up high, and we knew that the trails would be packed, so we decided against it and did some local exploring instead. We drove to West Seattle, to Lincoln Park, to walk around this lush park and down to the waterfront to take in the views and get some fresh air.

We headed back home late afternoon to get ready for our second to last Game of Thrones night. We had eight plus the two babies for this week’s party and a spread of picnic favorites; pulled pork, cornbread, salads and banana pudding. It was a ho-hum episode but still enjoyable to see our friends again.

New TV and two little girls

Sunday morning we were scheduled for the Toddlers Room at church. Cue: exhaustion. We did not have an easy go at it with a few kids having some separation anxiety and triggering an outfall among the other kiddos. Reese loved it though and watched the kids play for an hour and a half. This apparently wore her out so much that she slept all through our brunch after church at Nue in Capitol Hill. This was our first time checking out this place and we had their shakshuka (Israeli style baked eggs) and their sunny bunny (which was a delicious Indian chicken and potato curry in a bread bowl of sorts and topped with a fried egg. We were stuffed and baby girl woke up at the end so we decided to walk to the Capitol Hill farmer’s market where Bryan bought me flowers, we ran into friends, we sampled some items, and then walked to Cal Anderson Park to let baby girl crawl around and play on the swings.

Sunday afternoon was like last week; there were afternoon naps, movies, and a soccer game for me. The soccer game was again at a park nearby so we all walked to the field. Bryan and Reese stayed for the first half but Reese was a bit antsy and they left at halftime to start on dinner. Our team lost but we played a good team which meant I got in a good bit of exercise. I came home to help put baby girl to bed and Bryan made us a wonderful dinner of steaks, salad and asparagus. We enjoyed some wine and conversation before I picked us up some Menchie’s to share, something we haven’t had in forever but tasted so darn good.

My Mother’s Day Weekend ended up being a great weekend that went by way too fast. Now the week ahead is showing temperatures falling back to normal May temperatures and some rain. Lottie is leaving for two weeks after today and Reese is going to be so lonely without her buddy to play with.


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