Spring is Here the Sky is Clear

We have been enjoying some beautiful weather here in Seattle, and for the near future, it is here to stay. Thursday through this weekend we are expecting temps up to 80! Holy cow! I already feel like it is hot. Thanks, in part, to great weather, we had one amazing weekend last weekend. It was a social one at times and a relaxing one at other times…a win, win combo in my book!

After enjoying dinner (amazing too with a beet salad, steak, and passionfruit tapioca and chocolate mousse) the three of us last week at the newly renovated and reopened FareStart restaurant we hit the weekend running.

Reese and Daddy and the new FareStart restaurant.

Bryan had a work meeting that went successfully at a Mexican restaurant before ending the week and I had my PEPS mom and baby happy hour hosted at our house Friday evening with four other moms and babies in attendance. Meanwhile, Bryan drove nearly an hour on the scooter to Kirkland to grill out with Mark and Jeff. I think we all enjoyed our Friday night social activities.

Saturday we officially celebrated the 8 month mark with 8-month pancakes with baby girl. We spent time relaxing and prepping for the night’s party and then took a 5-mile run/walk through the absolutely gorgeous Arboretum, stopped at the point to catch the tail end of the boat parade for the beginning of boat season, and headed home.

We had nine in total for our second Game of Thrones watch party. We played up the Cinco De Mayo theme with margaritas, beef barbacoa taco fixings, rice and beans. Reese had an active playmate, the first one her age that was at her level physically, and that was entertaining but oh so distracting to watch. As one friend correctly titled the party; White Walkers vs Pink Crawlers.

On Sunday we enjoyed a slow morning and forwent church since we weren’t scheduled in the toddler’s room. Instead, we walked to the newest-opened Macrina, in Capitol Hill, for a brunch thanks to mystery shopping. It was a delicious and filling brunch and fueled us for the rest of the afternoon; playing in Miller Park, taking a nap watching daddy’s movie selections, picking up the scooter from Kirkland, and then playing soccer in the Arboretum. Baby girl was even showing off her early soccer skills. We had three nights in a row with Reese going to bed well past her bedtime (after 8 pm) so not surprising that her and I didn’t wake up until 8 am Monday morning!! We just didn’t want the weekend to end!

But it did…

It’s also been a little atypical. First, yo mama has a sinus infection. At times I seem to feel okay and at other times I am tired and winded. Fortunately, I finally got some antibiotics to give this infection a kick in the pants. Second, our fellow mama in our nanny share got in a car accident on Monday, totaling her car. Fortunately, it was on the way to our house to pick up Lottie at the end of the day so Lottie was not in the car with her and Sarah is okay. But in the meantime, the share has moved to her apartment considering the circumstances, so baby girl and I have enjoyed our walks to her apartment in the morning and Bryan has been an A+ dad picking her up in the afternoon.

Reese continues to be a whole lot of fun and very playful. She has also been fantastic with playing independently, that is, after she gets her Lottie time in. We have had a few nights at home this week as well as Bryan and I got out for a date night for our last play at the Seattle Rep Tuesday night. We rode the scooter in the warm weather to Shaker + Spear for an excellent seafood-filled dinner (thanks to mystery shopping) of octopus, salt cod beignets, whole grilled branzino, and seafood paella, before hitting the play titled Nina Simone: Four Women. I loved the play, filled with soulful music, and we enjoyed our night out.

We have another weekend filled with dinner at FareStart, another Game of Thrones night, another soccer game, and filling the position in the Toddler Room at church. We will see what other trouble we can get ourselves into…


2 thoughts on “Spring is Here the Sky is Clear

  1. Happy first Mothers’ Day, Chelsea! Enjoy that beautiful baby girl, and give our love to Bryan.

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