Last Hoorah

This past week we have been gearing up for our last trip for the time being. Our next flight shouldn’t be until early July so fortunately we get a couple months off from flying. Thank goodness! I was anxious about all of the trips we had lined up this spring and fortunately Reese is a stellar traveler and all went without a hitch, but I’m still ready to stay put for a little while. Traveling with an infant is such an ordeal.

Our preparations for heading out of town weren’t just about packing; we also needed to get together with a few friends and enjoy a little time out and having fun. And we managed to have a few eventful and fun weeks between Michigan and New Orleans. Let’s take a look:

  • Date night out in our neighborhood Ethan Stowell steak frites restaurant, delicious!
  • Soccer game in beautiful weather
  • A few runs in various parks with baby girl
  • Mystery shop dinner at Tom Douglas’ taco restaurant, exceptional tacos and completed with margaritas
  • FareStart community dinner for April with a Hawaiian feast held at the Pacific Tower
  • My first time volunteering at FareStart in a long time, also the first time to ever volunteer at their restaurant Maslow’s while the main restaurant goes through a face lift
  • Bryan volunteering at FareStart with his Boeing leadership group
  • Got the house cleaned for me and it looks so good!
  • Novelty Hill spring wine release party with baby girl in tow
  • Kicking off Seattle Restaurant Week with one of our favorite restaurants in the city with friends Polly, Ryu, Deana and Ed. Delicious as always at Heartwood Provisions!
  • Watching my mom and dad’s alma maters vie it out for an opportunity to play for the NCAA basketball championship = EPIC!
  • Watching Texas Tech vie for the national championship for the first time ever!!!
  • 7 month birthday pancakes
  • One week at church and me volunteering in the Toddler Room (while being already majorly sleep deprived)
  • A few body pump classes to make sure that I still fit into this dress for Amy’s wedding
  • Going through all of Reese’s 9-month clothes and phasing out some of her smaller 6-month clothes 😦
  • Got my nails did for the wedding

Our bags are packed and we are ready to jet! One long flight is ahead of us but it is baby girl’s bed time half way through the flight so hopefully she catches some zzz’s this time around. Note: Obviously this was written before we left for New Orleans but never posted. New Orleans post coming soon…


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