What a Great Weekend!

This weekend was a near perfect weekend in my book. Picturesque spring weather, lazy mornings in our PJs, some things accomplished around the house, some exercise, a date night, and a dinner out the three of us. I think we all enjoyed our weekend at home and were not looking forward to the beginning of another week.

Happy 7 Months!

As baby girl was turning 7 months old this weekend, she crawled. And she is crawling! She is also pulling herself up on any and everything. She started out a little shaky and slow and in two days time is already a lot more proficient in her mobility skills. It is something to watch!

This is her today.

So our baby proofing plan got kicked into high gear. We still aren’t really ready but are working on it. We have things on the way to help us clear cords out of the way, secure sockets and electrical strips, and cushion up hazardous surfaces. We moved the shoe box to the garage entrance to track in less material and free up more space in the living room…which quickly got taken up with Reese’s new toys we purchased. We moved the pack n’ play to the workout room to give us our room space back and be both a crib and a play space for Reese while we work out. With all of that and catching up from laundry of the past week/weekend, I felt pretty accomplished this weekend.

We got to go out to dinner just the two of us on Friday night. We had a sitter come stay with a sleeping Reese and we walked to the nearest Ethan Stowell restaurant, Red Cow, for a mystery shop dinner that was amazing! We started with a luscious salad, beef tartar and each got a steak dinner that was melt in your mouth. We finished with a mezcal drink at the bar before walking home.

Saturday was a day just the three of us that was very enjoyable. Bryan made 7-month pancakes, we went for a run around Seward Park with baby girl, we watched the basketball games, and then had a Plated box dinner and watched the new Netflix movie on Bonnie and Clyde. Sunday was equally enjoyable and we opted to sit out of church (now that Reese is so noisy it is a little difficult) and Bryan made us another great breakfast, I played soccer and Bryan ran with Reese in a newly discovered park in West Seattle, and then the three of us got a taco dinner and margaritas at Tom Douglas’ taco spot downtown, thanks to another mystery shop dinner.

Such deliciousness!

We were also pretty excited to hear that two of our good friends had their baby girls a little over a week early and all are doing well. Their due dates were three days apart and they somehow ended up coming only 16 hours apart. It will be exciting to meet Emilia and Eliana and Reese will definitely enjoy having some more girlfriends to play with, when that time comes. I don’t know if it is the fact that Reese has just started crawling or what but seeing the newborn pictures of the new babies makes me feel like it was too long ago that Reese came to even remember that time. That wasn’t even a year ago which makes me sad that the phases come and go so quickly. Seeing the pictures of the new parents makes me excited for them and reminisce about our own experience, that already seems so fuzzy in my mind.

My little, but not so little munchkin, sleeping on me for nearly two hours on Sunday!

I can’t believe baby girl is on the move, she just seems to be growing up so fast.


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