Fun Trip, Hard Return

The first of four trips this winter has come and gone and for the most part, it was a roaring success. Reese had another great flight, did great in the car between the Denver airport and Eagle, CO, where Mark and Kim live, and enjoyed all of the activities we did. It was a relaxing weekend of some fun kid-friendly things, some good meals, and some great conversation. It’s just so funny how all of us have changed now that we have kids in tow.

We arrived in style as the rental car company upgraded our vehicle to the ginormous Chevy Tahoe with a ski rack. Baby girl had plenty of room in the back seat and we hit the 2.5 hour drive with bags under our eyes from waking up at 4 am our time. We stopped for a delicious fish taco/burrito lunch at Chimayo in Silverthorne and to get diapers at the store before getting to Eagle around 3 pm. We caught up with Mark and Kim and Kim made us a delicious dinner of lasagna before going to bed.

Friday was pretty much up in the air for what to do. We took it easy in the morning because Addie wasn’t feeling that well and we all were looking for some R&R anyways. Around noon we decided to take the girls to the nearby sledding hill and got a few “runs” in. Reese was practically falling asleep during the intense sledding session. To warm up we then decided to swing by their house real quick to grab our swimsuits and snacks and headed to the hot springs in Glenwood Springs. This was Reese’s first time actually swim and let me just say that she LOVED it. She had a smile the entire time. I think she was a little jealous of Addie’s floaties and kept wanting to eat them but she had her own little floatie as well as Bryan and I. She tried to start kicking towards the end of it but I think baby girl is going to be a water baby for sure. We spent some time near the fire-heated patio warming up and Reese was equally amazed by the fire. We kept saying BEST. DAY. EVER. in Reese’s mind. Before heading home we got an early dinner at the local brew pub.

Saturday was the planned day to go skiing while the girls were watched by Kim’s mom who drove all the way from Denver to watch them. I was pretty nervous for my first time back on skis in two years time and it definitely showed during my morning runs…and pretty much the entire day to be honest. Reese did great with Kim’s mom and we ended up taking our time getting home, even though we stopped skiing around 2:30 pm mainly because we were cold. We shopped around Vail for a bit and then grabbed some happy hour at a local bar, since we had forgone lunch, before heading back home. I was definitely excited to be reunited with Reese though and the rest of the night we warmed up by the fire, had some leftovers for dinner and then made a fire outside to roast marshmallows.

Sunday was our last full day with Mark and Kim and was again undecided on what to do. Everyone was feeling a little under the weather, either sick or from skiing the day before. We decided to go for a low key hike in the snow around 10 am and packed up the girls for the short drive to the nearby trail. The trail was only about 800 feet of elevation gain but a good little hike nonetheless and probably all the group could do considering the condition of the group. We ended up being out for about 1.5 – 2 hours and got back home to eat sandwiches and watch Michigan to lose to State (boo). We took some very quick family photos outside with Reese and I’m eager to get these back from Kim! It was Sunday night that Reese started to cough and we were not looking forward to what lay ahead. We had another great dinner at home and then Reese basically needed to be held all night long for sleep.

We woke Monday morning with a sick baby and Bryan not feeling well but had to pack up all of our many things into the Tahoe and said our goodbyes around 9 am to drive to Denver. We had to return the car and then got lunch in the airport and completely missed the initial boarding for our return flight so we had to ask fellow passengers to move to allow us to sit together. Reese slept the whole drive there and the first hour of the flight but then she woke up obviously not feeling well and let us know the last 1.5 hours of the flight. It has been our only bad flight with her yet but was certainly one I may never forget. I was so thankful to land in Seattle.

This sums up our flight back….Reese unhappy and my nervous laughter.

Since being back it has been a challenge getting everyone healthy and getting the house back into a put together condition. Bryan hasn’t felt well and stayed home the past two days and Reese was certainly not feeling well Tuesday. She slept and nursed on me all day Tuesday and come Tuesday night we were worried about how lethargic she was so we decided to go to Urgent Care at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Turns out she has an ear infection on top of her cold and the initial dosage of amoxicillin seemed to make her feel better seemingly over night. I stayed home with my family on Wednesday as well while still trying to get a few hours in for work as I had some things I really needed to get out by the end of the day. Reese continued to get better all Wednesday and slept well that night. We all managed to get out of the house on Thursday and back to our regular schedules, although still all feeling under the weather (even I woke up with a sore throat this morning). Thankfully work hasn’t been as crazy as the past few weeks and I have been able to relax just for a bit. I hope Bryan starts feeling better soon too.

Chad is coming to visit for the weekend, along with a few of his friends, so it will be good to see him and hopefully we won’t be feeling too bad for the duration of his visit. And we did still manage to celebrate her half birthday with 6-month pancakes, enjoyed while we were all sick.

No smile here.


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