Exhausted and Enduring

The past week and a half has flown by, and has left us both exhausted as a result of it. Once I had my last snow day spent at home with Reese, it was back at work and there was a million things to catch up on in order to get everything done. Top that off with Reese not sleeping very well and, well, come the weekend, I was so exhausted I could barely function. We opted for a night at home on Friday and Saturday night, in lieu of going out with friends, and we took a very relaxed dinner out to a new Middle Eastern restaurant (with Reese in tow) along with a Redbox of Bohemian Rhapsody for a low key Valentine’s Day. It was the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day though in my opinion and I came home to a bunch of flowers and chocolates from Bryan.

Our social life definitely took a nose dive the past ten days but we did commit to a puree party at Anne and Phillip’s house on Sunday morning that was actually a lot of fun and an easy social setting, being that there were five other babies aged 5-6 months there. Reese definitely loves a party environment and thrives in all cuteness at them. We also managed to finally get a dinner with Mark and Kim, from Bryan’s old group at work, at Pizzeria Pulcinella, last night. This was their first time meeting Reese, my first time at the restaurant, and our first time getting to see each other for a long time. They are a great couple and treated us to dinner this time as we have treated them at our place or FareStart a time or two. Reese took pretty well to Kim.

Reese at dinner

And my deadline was pushed to today and was still tough to get all wrapped up by today. Now I have only like four projects on my plate at work and another big one for Key Arena that is just starting and has another very short and critical time frame again, ummph. Bryan has been just as busy, or more so, at his work and has had to stay late a few days. Looking forward to things calming down a bit…although probably not any time soon and now our trips are starting. At least we haven’t had to worry about our nanny situation and that continues to be working great and we really love the new nanny! What a relief that has been and a huge alleviation of stress.

I’ve tried to get in some exercise here and there and went to a great Body Pump class Monday afternoon and have done a Fitness Blender video here and there but that’s about the extent of my self care. It’s pretty fun to work out in front of or with Reese and she definitely makes you work because if you aren’t working hard enough it is not as much fun for her! Reese enjoys cooking dinner with me so that has been fun a night or two each week and it has also been fun playing with the Instant Pot, and I have to say I have liked the results of everything it has produced. We went for a long walk in one of our favorite places on Saturday but were not expecting never-ending cold drizzle for the duration of our walk and it honestly was quite miserable. On the bright side, we got to warm up with a cup of soup at Vios to warm up mid-walk (Reese dug this pit stop) and turned on the fire at home post-walk, which Reese absolutely loves! Bryan made us steaks and continues to improve upon and master this specialty of his!

Our first of four trips is tomorrow morning. We are going out to Colorado to visit Mark and Kim and ski a day without the kids. We haven’t packed at all and I’m currently a little overwhelmed thinking about everything we need to bring for cold weather, Reese, a photo shoot and to go skiing. It should be a good time and I am looking forward to a few days in the mountains without work. I just hope that Reese doesn’t get thrown for too many loops and sets a good beginning for our whirlwind of travels this winter and spring.


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