Our 5-Month Old

The rate at which Reese is growing is mind-boggling! In just the past week it seems she has learned to sit unassisted and when you try to place her on her tummy she would much rather be on her hands and knees rocking. It’s something else to see the quick progression of movement and development with her. I find myself so captivated sometimes that I forget about how difficult she is to get to nap or sleep through the night. But we are working on it! This week we experimented with Reese napping in her crib swaddled (when we were at home) and tried a no-cry sleep solution for nighttime sleeping, trying not go straight into sleep training. We’ve had some success and will continue to stick to our guns moving forward.

Our little big difficult sleeper.

As soon as Bryan got home and we said goodbye to my mom, we made Reese’s 5-month pancakes to a delicious success. We had a good Mexican dinner at Cactus in South Lake Union and spent Sunday at church, going for a walk as the snow started falling, and watching a lame Super Bowl. But it was all under a layer of stress as our “excellent” nanny essentially quit without much notice so Monday was a snow day for Reese and I, where we stayed at home inside together to play.

5-Month Pancakes

Tuesday and Wednesday we had two different temp nannies that watched both Reese and our friend Lottie at Sarah’s place while Sarah was home working to make sure the girls were in good hands. Finally on Thursday we brought in a potential full-time nanny, Katie, who has tons of baby knowledge and experience working in a great daycare. She has been great with the girls so far and we are really hoping to continue moving forward with her as a full-time nanny for the girls.

Thursday was like normal, with Reese and I dining at FareStart while Bryan worked. It was a delicious four-course menu from Snoqualmie Casino and Reese was in good spirits. Friday was an anormal day though with the expected snow storm brewing. Many people just decided to stay home. I went into work only to leave at 12:30 when the snow really started to come down. And thankfully I did as the roads were already getting bad and so was traffic. Fortunately, Reese and I made it home safe and Bryan had just gotten home as well. We spent the afternoon marveling at the snow fall and treating the day as a snow day. Bryan did venture out on foot to get beer, milk and chips so we were all set for the weekend.

Saturday morning we started with our usual pancakes before bundling up and taking a long walk through the Arboretum. There were very few cars on the road but a good number of people who were doing like us and taking a walk through the beautiful Arboretum, or skiing or sledding through it. There are skiers and sledders everywhere! We enjoyed another night at home.

Sunday’s service was cancelled and we spent another morning being lazy. Really, the whole day. By nighttime we both needed to get out of the house so we ventured out to Cactus in Madison Park for another great dinner and margaritas. The snow started coming down again and was really very beautiful. Then I knew I was probably going to be stuck at home again. Which I am, today. I sure hope it doesn’t prevent me from going in all week because I am supposed to have a deadline on Friday that is now a shot in the dark on whether or not we are going to make it.

Regardless, Seattle really is beautiful under a blanket of snow and so long as you don’t NEED to go anywhere, it is also a lot of fun. It definitely doesn’t look like Seattle out there but I will take it!


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