Work Trip

This past week was a week filled with a lot changes for me, Bryan, Reese and Grandma Sue. While I was still at work for the week, my husband was on a work trip to South Carolina and my mom was on a different kind of work trip; watching our little girl (it’s work!). Reese was experiencing a lot of changes and was a bear about it at some times but still her sweet self at others. Mom and I had some good quality time just the two of us in the evenings after she was in bed but that little girl can wear you out as well!

Fortunately I had one weekend day to spend completely with Mom and Reese. We were going to play soccer but opted to stay in our pjs until about noon, which was a good decision. We then walked to get lunch at the new Tacos Chukis by our house and then continued the walk through Capitol Hill. I also said goodbyes to Stephan and Ewelina that night before they left Seattle for good and we took a quick visit to REI to look at down jackets for Mom.

Then I had to work and that was a big bummer. While I worked Mom and Reese played. Reese is active and a handful at times and I think my mom learned that quickly but she did a great job taking care of Reese! They went for walks in the sunshine, and played on the mat, read books, napped (not my mom), and sang songs. Then I tried to get off as early as I could, which was still not early enough. Thankfully we had great weather all week long which made it easier to get out of the house with her.

Monday night we took the opportunity to have a nice dinner for less at the picturesque Palisade’s restaurant in the marina, taking in the sunset and views by the water, and dined on delicious bisque, salad, steelhead, and a chocolate flourless cake. Tuesday and Wednesday we made dinners at home which was fun to cook, us three girls. Reese was in the carrier and enjoyed that. Mom and I did a face mask one night after baby girl was down for the night.

But being down for the night was a loose term. She was up every hour for a few days. After a sleepless night on Tuesday, she was a bit crabby on Wednesday right from the get-go. I had decided to work from home already and we did make it to the baby story time at the library which Reese loved. After the baby story time we took a long walk along Lake Washington. Then we had trouble that night. After dinner and bath time, we couldn’t get Reese to nurse or go down. She got overtired and SCREAMED! We took her for a drive, which she fell asleep instantly but once home started screaming again. Fortunately after some time she just collapsed on me. She was much better Thursday and Friday and we diagnosed the issue as teething.

By the end of the week Reese and Grandma were good friends and share a lot of cute little things with each other. We made it to FareStart for dinner and it was the first time for Reese to sit along the balcony upstairs and she could not get enough of that. She thought the clapping at graduation was solely for her and smiled every time. While Reese observed the goings on, Mom and I had a great seafood dinner from Duke’s Chowder House of a bacon wrapped prawn and scallop with a pear and blue cheese salad, cod fish tacos and a cookie/brownie served hot with Lopez Island ice cream (my favorite in the PNW).

And to culminate the week, we celebrated Friday afternoon with happy hour at one of my favorite restaurants, Heartwood Provisions, literally a stone’s throw from my office. We first showed off Reese to the office before settling into our cocktails and slew of delicious happy hour dishes. It was quite the spread and knowing both the executive chef and sous chef from my ties to FareStart, our drinks were on the house. We headed back home to catch some basketball and wait for Bryan’s plane to land. Reese and I went to go pick up her daddy who was very excited to see the little girl, who was sound asleep.

Grandma really got the hang of things…

It was sad to have to say goodbye to my mom and Reese’s grandma Saturday morning. She was in a stellar mood and showing off all of the tricks she learned from Grandma Sue this week. I really appreciated having my mom’s company for the week and her resilience, strength and support during Reese’s unexpectedly difficult times. It would have been a lot different week without her and I don’t think Reese will forget Grandma this time around…we have one of my best friend’s weddings to attend on a short trip to Michigan mid-March.

Thank you for the help this week Mom!


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