Our Sweet Little Girl

Reese is just the best. We have such a great time with her while she is awake, are relieved that she goes to bed as easy as she does at night, and we sit and look at videos and photos of her even after she goes to bed. She is really fun and enjoyable these days, super playful, and still all smiles. Both of us are enamored with her and it makes our lives feel so much more fulfilled. It’s alright that she still isn’t sleeping through the night….for now.

Work is work and fairly busy right now and I find myself working an hour or so from home in the evenings just so I can leave earlier in the day to spend more time with Reese. I absolutely love seeing how excited she is when I get home though and she gives me these big ol’ open mouth kisses on the lips and chins and it cracks me up. She is a little clingy at the moment, it’s not that bad because she is content and easy to play with so long as she is on our lap or right next to us, but she definitely does perceive distance now and understands when Mom and Dad are there and not there, or even in the same room or not in the same room.

We had another great but low key weekend that was a good mix of relaxation, exercise, dining out, eating in, and one date night. Bryan and I dropped Reese off with Anne and Phillip for our third Seattle Rep play of the year and enjoyed some time away. This was after an enormous happy hour feast at one of our favorite restaurants in the city, Soi, a northern Thai eatery in Capitol Hill. We were hungry after swapping walking with Reese in the stroller and running shifts in the Arboretum.

We elected not to go to church on Sunday and instead caught up on some sleep, some laundry, some football and I got back on the soccer field and am still paying for that in soreness. Cardio-wise, I wasn’t as bad as I expected to be but coordination and skill, Reese probably could have done better. Still, it was so fun to be back out there playing and the weather was great for a game of soccer.

This week has been fairly relaxed in terms of schedule and we have had the opportunity to have a few dinners at home; which is now a lot more fun now that Reese can sit in her high chair at the table.

So happy to sit at the table

Bryan and I each got a workout in at home; which Reese finds fascinating. And instead of either of us volunteering at FareStart this week we were offered to dine in, two for the price of one, so we took them up on their offer. We’ve had great family time this week right before Bryan leaves for his week-long work trip and my mom comes to visit.

Looking forward to spending some one-on-one time with Mom, allow her to spend some quality time with Reese, and looking forward to several dry weather days.


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