Back to the Grind

I’m back to full time and everything that that entails. And not just me…it was Bryan’s first full week back to work last week in a long time as well. We had our new nanny start last week and we both love her so far! Reese does as well and is cheery and happy when she sees her in the morning (but still happy to see me when I get home from work too!). While we started a few things we also finished our PEPs group with our last meeting, with a presentation on financial planning with babies and then the last hour spent socializing over a potluck of food and figuring out how to keep the group going. And we said goodbye to another Seahawk’s season with their wild card loss to the Cowboys last Saturday night.

We added to our babysitting rotation with our neighbor Lauren, who watched Reese sleep on Sunday night when Bryan and I dined with nine friends from FareStart at the James Beard award-winning restaurant, Junebaby. Our group of foodies went with the family tasting menu and were stuffed to the gills by the end of the night of Southern delicacies.

Reese and I dined into FareStart for another night while Bryan worked the night away; this time we had company of our friend’s Sarah and her daughter Lottie.

And I am trying to get back into the groove of working out now that I do have more energy and some time away from baby girl. My company is running in the 8k Viaduct Run at the beginning of February so some coworkers have started to run a time or two each week and I have joined on a few short and slow runs. I am also trying to get back into my Fitnessblender routine, leaving me sore several days in a row.

As should be expected, we have had a few bumps in the road including our great nanny coming under the weather for a few days and Reese getting her four month shots but overall things have been really great.

I don’t want shots or this other nanny, Mom.

Reese loves attention and has been getting lots of it everywhere we go. At restaurants, church, and especially at this past weekend’s baby shower for Carina. She got lots of it! Both of us had a good time at the shower, although I would say I came home more exhausted than she did as I was co-hosting this one with Polly.

But it was a wonderful weekend and Saturday was a wonderful day spent just the three of us and we went on a very long walk along the lake and Seward Park in the sunshine. We have started this year feeling very blessed and all those feel good feelings definitely make the work days go by faster!


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