Already Over

I cannot believe that my maternity leave is already over.  How has three months gone by so quick?!?  It seems like just yesterday that I was bouncing on a ball and walking my feet off to get baby girl to come and now I am already back to work.  It is bittersweet for sure.  On one hand, I know that I will be a happier mom in the long run as a working mom.  On the other hand, Reese is starting to get more playful and fun to spend my days with and I am sad that we won’t  have as many together.  I’m very grateful that I am going back on a part time basis to start and really think that will help the transition and still give me a few sweet weekdays to spend with my baby girl.

I’m probably a bit biased right now because lately Reese has been the baby of my dreams (despite not always sleeping well at night)…but I have loved my days with her.  Sleep has regressed slightly in terms of length of sleeps at night but ease of putting her down at night has drastically improved and is a breeze now.  Her bedtime routine seems to really work for her.  And reminiscing about my maternity leave, here are some of my favorite things we’ve done or what I will remember best:

  • Slow wake ups in the morning.  Unfortunately, Bryan has had to wake up early but in the morning Reese and I spend about an hour or two together in bed.  Probably forming a bad habit but I really enjoy the cuddles.
  • Making coffee together in the morning.  She watches the whole process and I just love having my coffee sans guilt.
  • Bath time in the evenings is so fun.  She really enjoys it and stays so calm.  I particularly enjoy it when it is Bryan and I working as a team for her bath time routine, although I know we can’t both partake every night.
  • I’ve loved watching her progress on the activity mat, although, lately she has been extremely clingy and not always keen on getting put on her mat.
  • Reading books together and watching her eyes light up.
  • I have particularly enjoyed baby story time at the libraries.  We have gone solo to a few and have invited my PEPS peers along to others. 
  • We have had many walks in the Arboretum solo, with Daddy, and with my PEPS peers.  I enjoy the exercise, fresh air, fall colors and conversation.
  • I have really enjoyed my Monday morning PEPS meetings.  I look forward to them every week and we only have one left; a potluck social.
  • Meeting Bryan for lunch in Renton.  Unfortunately, this is going to be difficult to do in Auburn but we might be able to meet for an early dinner halfway on occasion.
  • I finally got the energy and bravery to try to workout at home with Reese.  I started a four week (which will probably take me at least six weeks) Fitness Blender program and have successfully done the first three days.  
  • I love dining in at FareStart with Reese.  It has always been fun to go to FareStart and be greeted by everyone just like you are family but especially so with a baby.  Plus, the food is delicious and my husband gets to wait on me.
  • Similarly, I have volunteered once since Reese was born and it was fun to be back in the action.  I couldn’t stay very late with the other volunteers because of an early flight the next morning but it was still a good time.
  • Singing “Twinkle, Twinkle” to her is the funniest thing ever.  She could be doing some serious crying but as soon as those two words are out of my mouth she gives me the biggest toothless grin.  It cracks me up.
  • In general, I just love showing her off to friends and around town.  I’m biased I’m sure but I think she is absolutely perfect and not afraid to let that show.
  • Our evening PEPS groups are fun and more relaxing with Bryan by my side and there to help.  It’s nice to have dinner provided and I really love our leader for that group and the group itself.
  • I’ve enjoyed chillin’ on the couch watching football with her.  It really is the only thing that she can remain perfectly calm watching for extended periods of time.  It’s pretty funny actually when she is in her baby laz-e-boy (boppy lounger) between Bryan and I on the couch with all of us watching.
  • And I love our games we play with her including:  Airplane Reese, bounce to Reese’s left and right, and rolling over off of our stomachs.

She is just really getting  so much more talkative and the noises are so cute.  Outbursts of crying for extended periods rarely happen these days and she is so much easier to take places now; either due to her demeanor or our own confidence in doing so.  We love her to death and that is not going to change with me back at work.  I have peace of mind that I can watch her on our new Nest cams throughout the day and so far I have found myself coming home with much more energy and enthusiasm to play after work than on days when I am home with her 100% of the time.  It gives my personal self a recharge and a reboot that I think will be better for all of us in the long run.  Plus, I am extremely grateful for the patience and understanding of my company and my coworkers.  I’ve already been told that I can work a day from home in January that I will certainly not pass up the offer of and that even came without my asking. 

The next big transition will be at the end of next week when Bryan begins his new job!  I know he is going to kill it and I am fully there supporting him in his transition.


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