Introduction to Michigan

Time is flying and there has been no down time to post.  Our time in Michigan came and went pretty quickly unfortunately.  This means that Reese’s first round-trip flight is in the books, my first solo flight with her is in the books, and the next time my family will see Reese she just might be walking around.  We had a great trip and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.

The week leading up to the trip, after a great couples PEPS group on Wednesday night and then dining in together at FareStart for a delicious ahi tuna dinner, we managed to all get to bed relatively early Thursday night for an early wake up Friday morning.  This ended up being way easier than it used to be with waking up for Reese’s only feeding at just about the right time to get ready and head to the airport.  We got to SeaTac with plenty of time to get some food ourselves, feed Reese, and snag an empty seat next to us for the carseat.  All was already going smoothly and then Reese slept the entire flight through, save 45 minutes for a bunch of smiles to her parents, and managed to sleep through the two-hour car ride to East Lansing thanks to construction traffic.  We were elated as parents; as well as sleepy parents can be.  Upon getting to my parent’s house, Reese was held for the first time by Uncle Chad which was an awesome sight and then my grandparents and aunt and uncle came over to meet Reese.  Reese was still a bunch of smiles that night, which was amazing after such a long day of travel.

The very next day was the Michigan vs. Michigan State game at Spartan Stadium so we set out to tailgate.  Or at least we tried to.  We weren’t able to find Chad’s tailgate but still enjoyed nearly a two hour walk, seeing the crowds, getting oohs and aahs from the fans for both Reese and Sophie dog (Aunt Sophie) and Mom got to carry Reese in the Ergo.  We made it back to the house for the start of the game and fortunately this year Michigan was victorious (sorry Mom).  Reese was cranky pants so Mom and I ran some errands to get her to sleep in the car and we enjoyed Topopo salad at home.

Sunday was a fantastic day and one that I will remember for a long time.  For the first time in 8 years I got to enjoy my birthday celebration with my grandma like old times and this was only the second time that I was home for a birthday gathering.  Everyone came over around 1 pm and Mom made a great meal of ribs, brussels with bacon, cornbread, coleslaw, beet salad and caprese salad.  Everything was delicious and I got to sit next to my grandma like we did for the first 24 years of my life.  We had a delicious double chocolate cake and opened presents.  It was a real treat to be home for this. 

The next few days were nice and relaxing days at home.  Mom took time off of work and I immensely enjoyed having someone to talk to during the day; maternity leave can be lonely at home at times.  Bryan was heading back to Seattle on Monday night and wasn’t feeling his best so I think it was good for him to take it easy too and for him to get some good sleep sans Reese back at home in Seattle but we sure missed him for two nights in Michigan.  I got together with three of my best friends from high school for a sushi lunch one day and it was great to catch up with them; me on Reese, pregnancy and labor and two of them on recent engagements.  It was a long and enjoyable lunch.  We also saw my grandparents one last time when they came over for a short visit and we had our great friends Tom, Pam and Madison stop by to meet Reese another night.

I truly felt relaxed and at ease with Reese in Michigan and it was a really great trip for all of us I think.  Bryan needed some rest, I needed people to talk to and see family, and Reese needed to meet everyone.  All was accomplished, and I left feeling fulfilled.  Our journey back to Seattle just the two of us began with meeting Dad at lunch to get my last fill of Middleeastern food and then we started our drive to the airport.  Then the flight saga begins: I needed and received tons of assistance getting through TSA with baby Reese by myself, I found the nursing room in the airport but then Reese went bonkers on me and wouldn’t feed and soaked her outfit and required a change, we arrive at the gate after that ordeal after boarding had begun so no preboarding for us, I get a row to myself only to then get an older gentlemen decide to change his seat to sit next to us and take the aisle seat blocking me in, Reese has a near blow out and requires a diaper and outfit change in the teeny airplane lavatory, and I spend five hours and all my energy keeping her entertained and prevented her from crying or screaming the whole flight.  Bryan was there at the airport to pick us up, got our bag for us and drive us to PEPS.  We made it to PEPS and then were there all of ten minutes because Reese loses it and had enough of the day so we hightailed it home where she immediately switched back to angel baby.

I can’t believe we already have another plane trip to take but at least I feel like I know a little better about what we are doing this time.


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