Highs and Lows

A lot has happened in the past week I just can’t keep up with posting about it, what, with all the free time on my hands these days… But little miss Reese has transitioned into a more alert, seemingly happier, and ever growing baby.  She is into her “2nd Leap”, meaning cognitively, a lot is advancing for her in these two weeks ahead.  And you can tell.  

This was also the week that Bryan was travelling to SoCal for work, meaning Reese and I were flying solo for the three nights and four solid days he was gone.  I wasn’t really worried about being by myself but little did I know how that was about to play out.  Our PEPs groups go through our highs and lows each week and I have a good many for each category to share…


  • She is getting good at holding her pacifier in her mouth using her hands and getting it back to her mouth.  She has also found her fingers and thumb so I’m going to try to hold back on the pacifier when she is self soothing by other methods.
  • She has gotten a lot better at car rides, so long as that car is moving.
  • She has gotten a lot better at sleeping through meals in her car seat while dining out.  Even when awake and alert I think busy restaurants are interesting to her for their sights, sounds and commotions.
  • She rolled stomach to back now four times.  The first I think was a fluke but then she repeated it three times today.
  • She has started lip smacking.  I had no idea what she was doing; if she just liked making a noise, if she was trying to kiss or what but have read it is another sign of hunger sometimes or sometimes just a way for a baby to communicate.  It’s cute and cracks me up and she will literally do it for several minutes.
  • She slept a 7 hour stretch one time that was amazing.  She still averages about 5 hours for her first snooze and then the following ones are much shorter.
  • She is much more smiley.  And she likes new people, which is a good thing.  Anytime anyone comes by to our table or a friend visits she smiles almost right away.
  • We met new friends at our first couples evening PEPS group this Wednesday.  Fortunately, this meeting was literally around the corner so that was an easy commute.  I really like the group leader and the other couples seem pretty cool so that is promising.
  • She enjoys her rock n’ play and that is nice because it is easily transportable and light weight to move around the house.  She’s content in it while I shower, she will watch us make stuff in the kitchen or while we eat at the table.
  • We had one amazing night at our house with Anne, Phillip, and Rosalie the last weekend.  We made ribs, salad and cornbread and they brought over vegetables for the grill and a homemade cheesecake.  We enjoyed cocktails, wine and beer and the babies were so well behaved.  It was also nice to be able to trade stories and tips with new parents.
  • I’ve enjoyed a few walks in the Arboretum and once around Green Lake, taking advantage of this rare fall stretch of sunny weather we have had.  We had a few rainy days thrown in there that make me appreciate the sun that much more.
  • I’ve enjoyed spending a few good hours being able to sit and talk with Valerie while Ainsley played at the park and with Giuli from church as she invited me over while Bryan was gone and sent me home with food.  And several hours with Marika and David when we went to the Indian buffet for lunch downtown and then for coffee and truffles at Frans.
  • We have also enjoyed dining at FareStart twice now (well once for Bryan) and introducing Reese to the crew.  Both meals were extremely delicious and it won’t be long now that we will be swapping out who volunteers and who dines with her.
  • And I treated myself to a three course early prix fixe dinner at Palisades with a view and with a $20 credit for the month of my birthday.  Even not feeling well, this meal tasted delicious (the entree should basically be called Chelsea on a plate).  Reese slept the ENTIRE time.
  • And to cap it off we had our first date night last night thanks to the magical Marika.  Our friend was home sick with a cold and didn’t want to get Reese sick and Marika offered.  And Marika somehow got the girl to sleep practically the entire time we were out.  We went to see A Thousand Splendid Suns at the Seattle Repertory Theater for the first play of our five pack series this year and the first Club 20s/30s hosted pre-show and intermission event.  Free drinks and snacks and a really captivating but very intense show.  I personally loved it (I read the book in high school but didn’t remember the plot)!  It was a great night out and we both felt refreshed afterwards.  I especially needed the break.

So as you can see there are plenty of highs.  The majority are highs but there are still some lows of the week, of course.


  • I missed Bryan while he was on his trip of course.  There is something just reassuring having a second hand at home at night.  We did pretty good talking and FaceTime-ing everyday though, when normally we are not.
  • I got sick.  Like felt completely incapable of doing anything and that was so scary for me but also knowing that I was solely responsible for the little one.  I know now that I was SEVERELY dehydrated.  I would probably roll my eyes if someone told me that prohibited them from functioning at all, but it did to me.  I was so low on energy I could barely get up from the couch and then I had to lug and carry Reese around, play with her, and feed her.  I had extreme chills that left me shivering while breastfeeding and then sweating through the sheets at night.  I didn’t know what was going on and assumed it was a fever.  I finally figured it out on Tuesday night before bed and tried to drink as much water as I could without spitting it up or sending my body into shock and it quickly started taking effect.  I was so glad because I was starting to think I was going to need to go to Urgent Care or the ER to get an IV.  I’m 100% now but those 48 hours took so much of a toll on me physically and emotionally that the rest of the week still made me feel spent and worn out.
  • We are still trying to figure out the best way to Reese down for naps and at night.  I’ve tried a lot of things for the afternoon and evening naps but I think the only thing that really works is babywearing and/or going for a walk.  

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