Two Weeks Old

Little miss Reese is two weeks old today and has had already quite the life.  It was the 30th that we brought our little girl home and spent the first week with Grandma and Grandaddy Snodgrass.  It was a sweet homecoming for her and we spent that first week adjusting to all of our new life.  This meant that we spent a large part of the day feeding, staring at her for hours, watching the US Open and college football, and trying to get some sleep.  Her grandparents were of great help during that first week; grocery shopping for us and making sure we were enjoying some amazing dinners at home and giving our arms a break by holding and entertaining the little girl.

On our very first full day at home we had an appointment with the Pediatrician’s office, where Reese was poked and proded again and didn’t like it.  But her check up went smoothly and only an hour later we were back home.  We enjoyed a few walks with her.  We made the short walk to the farmers market down the street on Friday and we walked around Seward Park and packed a picnic lunch on Sunday.  We picked up a quick lunch at Pikes Market and to purchase scallops from the fishmongers; however, Reese was kept out of the hubbub of the market while her immune system is gearing up.  We also enjoyed an outdoor movie at home under the space heater and with a pizza from Pagliacci’s.  Other than that we spent much of the time at home.  My parents were able to get out for some nice walks in the good weather and Bryan was able to get in a run and row, so I’m happy that all of them could stretch their legs a bit.

Since my parents left, it has been another transition for us three.  It was an emotional goodbye when my parents left but we have managed pretty well on our own.  We had a box of meals delivered that was easy to prep and prepare for three nights in a row before enjoying the Tutta Bella fig pizza one more time and then starting to dive into the dinners our friends have graciously brought over for us.  The three of us have enjoyed visits from Marika, Billy, Val and Ainsley, Polly and Ryuhei, Luis and Carina, Andrew, and David and Tina.  We have a stocked freezer and three bouquets of flowers decorating our house and filling it with florally goodness.  We have been able to get out for a few more walks in the Arboretum and around our neighborhood.

We had our first mom’s-only PEPs group Monday morning, which fortunately Bryan was still at home to help me to get out of the house in time.  I was sweating it a bit, knowing that Reese would certainly be the youngest in the bunch and also worried about how she would handle the two-hour long get together.  Fortunately, after a brief cranky session before the group even got started (including a quick feeding to get her happy again), Reese slept the full two hours through.  I was shocked.  She would fuss in her sleep when she heard the other babies cry but still didn’t wake.  She didn’t even wake when we laid them all down for their group photo.  Of the seven women in the group, I was the only mom to not have a C-section and the only mom who did not deliver at Swedish Hospitals.  I was also very surprised by this fact.  Reese has three other girls and three boys in her group (so far) and it will be interesting how the 12 week session goes.

Reese and her new friends

Reese had her newborn photo session with the talented and amazing Polly on Saturday afternoon.  She was well behaved despite not liking to be unclothed.  I spent my first day at home with Reese on Tuesday and that went much better than I even thought.  Reese was excellent for me and was sleeping a lot during the day, which allowed me to actually put her down for stretches of time to do laundry, tidy up and make myself food.  We went for a short walk in the early afternoon and went for another walk when Bryan got back home.

And today we had our two week check in at the midwives clinic which ended up being mostly a conversation about how things are going.  It won’t be until our six-week appointment when they give me a physical exam.  And for the next few weeks I imagine that we will continue to enjoy more snuggles and walks as she continues to amaze and impress us with her cuteness.


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