Basketball Thief

Well the hot weather continues to roll on.  Normally that would be great but this year I’ve enjoyed the less than 80 degree days a little more.  Every single day this week has been balmy and my body just wants to slow to a snails pace in this heat.  Snails pace or not, this was the last week that I really had things scheduled on my calendar.  Next week I’m as free as a bird with anticipating the unknown.  And we will see if we get to next week or not.  As I continue to think that I will deliver after my due date, I have been having more false contractions that have me on edge more than ever.

While baby continues to mess with my mind I’ve continued to roll through the punches.  This week was all about “me” time…well after our anniversary celebration that is.  I spent Tuesday evening crafting with Yelp, making an “air plant” frame at Urban Sprouts in Renton.  I got to take it home and got food and drink while making my creation.  On Wednesday I got a free hair cut in Montlake and Friday I got my nails done at my Oui Salon and Spa for the last time before baby.

I made it through my last volunteering night at FareStart on Thursday for a chef and a meal that I really like.  Brian Clevenger created a great summery Italian menu with a slew of antipasti that I was all about.  Now, if only I could have a darn glass of wine!  So tempting this late in the game.  I lasted on my feet the whole night and managed through a long and enjoyable dinner with the crew.  I am seriously going to miss the volunteering with friends these next few months but still hope to dine in from time to time when I can.  I have a standing reservation for dinner next week if I do make it that far.

And this weekend is showing promise to be one more weekend in coupledom.  We don’t have much of anything planned and I’m looking to maybe get out and enjoy a few more meals in a restaurant or activities out just the two of us while we can.  The weather is also promising to drop too, albeit temporarily.


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