Shower, Birthday, Family and Friends

This weekend was happening.  What more could you ask for with beautiful weather, time spent with family and friends, and presents!  It was seriously such a great weekend that went by so, so fast!

It more or less started on Wednesday night when after childbirth class we went to pick up Amy at the Mt. Baker Station who had just landed from a 5.5 hour flight from JFK.  We headed home with her (and Wendy’s for her dinner) and caught up with her for some time before finally getting to bed close to midnight.

Thursday was pretty normal with work and FareStart while Amy worked from our house during the day and got dinner with a friend Thursday night.  Another late night catching up with one another after both of our days.

Friday was the parent’s arrival.  Lon and Trish arrived in Seattle a little before 1 pm and Bryan picked them up with Sue and Phil arriving a little over an hour later.  Bryan and I had to detour for about an hour to attend a memorial service for a close FareStart friend who passed away while our parents caught up with each other at our house.  We checked into their Airbnb near the Arboretum before walking to dinner at Aglio e Olio down the street for a family style Italian feast.  It was a feast with tons of food.  Platters of bruschetta, charcuterie, antipasto, peach and burrata salad, caesar salad, short rib ragu, gorgonzola risotto and finally lamb chops to completely send us over the edge.  We walked back to the Airbnb to talk some more before heading home for the night.

Catching up at home

Saturday was the day of the shower.  The start time of the shower was at 2 pm which meant that everyone got to ease into the day at their own pace.  Mom and I went to the Market to get some flowers and small gifts for the party hosts and I showed her the new office digs.  After changing into our party wear the girls headed over to Tina’s house for the shower and the boys made their way to get lunch at Eastlake Bar and Grill, go to the Chihuly Glass Museum and then visit Oola Distillery for some liquor tastings.

The shower was adorable and so well done by my girlfriends.  They really did a great job with the food and decor.  It honestly resembled the styling of our wedding; vintage garden party in a way.  There were finger sandwiches, wraps, fruit, antipasto, orzo salad, caprese skewers, and chocolate dipped strawberries.  There were mimosas of different varieties and a ton of pregnancy wine.  I had a diaper cake and a slew of gifts with cards coming in the form of books with messages written in them by my friends.  We started with the game to guess how wide around I am.  The parents didn’t come anywhere close.  Then we moved onto the always fun “Guess Who is That Baby” game which I only got 7 of 17 right.  And then we opened gifts with the girls playing a gift bingo that helped me because I don’t like just opening up gifts in front of people.  Polly had an adorable polaroid camera to take pictures of everyone for them to write on to put in the guest book.  It all was just so well done and fun.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After the shower we all headed back to our house to meet up.  We spent Saturday night taking it easy, talking, ordering Pagliacci’s pizza and then watching I, Tonya on our new projection screen outside.  Highly enjoyable!

Our last day with the parents was an excellent day, albeit a hot one.  We started the day going to church with the whole family.  After service we went to Ivar’s to order from the snack bar and eat on the deck while watching all of the boats on the water.  We then went for a long walk in the Arboretum, soaked our feet in Lake Washington, and then sweated back home to rest for a bit.  Sunday night we picked up barbecue from Woodshop BBQ and ate on the back deck.  Bryan opened his birthday gifts and we had ice cream and root beer floats before everyone headed to bed before the early departure.

We both said goodbye to the parents this morning and Bryan made sure that they got dropped off at the airport with all of their bags in time.  I dropped off Amy at the light rail station before heading to work myself.  I certainly have zero interest in work today and am looking forward to a night of rest tonight but so glad we got to spend some quality time with our family before it becomes one member bigger.


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