Month 8

What?  That means that we have one month left?!?  Yeah, I guess so, just a tad more than a month.  I mean, my body sure feels like it is time to stop growing.  We are now 34 weeks, as of today, growing quickly and still feeling good.  We have had two check-ins with our doctor this month, now that we are at bi-monthly appointments.  A summary of the past month include:

  • Baby’s heartbeat is still sounding strong at around 120 bpm.
  • My blood pressure still low, the gestational diabetes test came back negative.
  • My energy has been up and steady but I am now getting winded on uphill climbs and sometimes surprisingly short distances (it’s variable day by day).  But I am still trying to walk as much as I can while I still can.  I know there will be some point where I don’t want to do any of it.
  • Have been doing more gentler exercises; mostly walking, prenatal yoga I found offered on ClassPass on Sunday afternoons, barre rarely, and some muscle toning and strengthening of my own at home (I have two 15 minute weight exercises that I rotate between; one arms and one legs).
  • Plenty of, what are now, stronger punches, kicks and jabs from baby.  They feel like more sustained pressures now and even Bryan has felt the firm baby itself (not the padding) a few times.  That always throws me for a curve ball for some reason.
  • Appetite slowing and feelings of constantly being full, requiring more frequent smaller meals, which I’m not the very best at.
  • Returning back pain after long bouts of sitting but still walking at lunch time and the giant pregnancy pillow my coworker passed on to me has helped quite a bit.  Also, some of the exercises I have learned in yoga are really helpful for back aches and pains.
  • Belly is a legit bump now.  No hiding this basketball.  And it feels the largest for some reason after work, mainly when sitting on the couch or if we are out or at FareStart.
  • Really finding our childbirth classes helpful.  What I like best from class is having this time set aside just for connecting with the baby and reaffirming that the labor and delivery of the baby is something of joy and not fear.  I have felt a much stronger feeling of positivity surrounding labor and motherhood and generally more excitement around bringing this baby into the world.
  • We have our tour of the Birthing Center at Northwest Hospital later today so we will be familiar with what the rooms look like, where they are located, and what to expect on the day of delivery.  Having our classes up there too means that we should know exactly how to get to the hospital when that day comes.
  • I am running hotter all day long.  I’m pretty warm at work and Bryan has noticed that I am usually hotter than he is while hanging out at home.  And if it is hot outside my body just wants to physically shut down, so fortunately we have cooler temperatures than normal this early summer.
  • Still no real cravings or aversions.  I would say my appetite and tastes are pretty much the same as ever.  There have been a few times that nothing sounds appetizing but as soon as I start eating I’m fine with it.
  • I had about 2-3 days of swollen feet, during the very hot weather spell, but that has pretty much disappeared since, thankfully, I don’t know why appearance of ankles make me so self-conscious.
  • I personally think that I have been pretty un-moody for a pregnant woman.  Bryan might disagree but I think for the most part my mood and spirit have been up and I haven’t really been short on temper or patience.
  • Based off of our last doctor’s appointment, our midwife believes that baby is already positioned head down.

I cannot believe how the time is just flying by.  It is amazing to me that we are now six weeks from our due date but only about four weeks away from when it is more than okay to go.  From 40 to 4.  I continue to feel so lucky with what my experience has been up to this point.  With speaking to other women, not all pregnancies go as smoothly as ours has.  I can only hope and imagine that the rest of the pregnancy continues this way.  I can’t say that I’m ready to pop though, even with my belly’s current size, I’m still glad that I have some weeks to go.


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