Great Summer Weekends

We have really been enjoying the nice weather and our weekends so far this summer.  As each weekend comes to a close I feel like both of us have especially felt like we haven’t wanted the weekends to end.  This past weekend was again highly enjoyable!  We were invited over to Polly and Ryuhei’s for a grill-out dinner on Friday night.  We enjoyed a delicious dinner and then walked with them to get ice cream at Full Tilt and play some pinball before heading home.

Saturday morning Bryan had men’s group and then when he got home we enjoyed another round of homemade eggs benedict.  We corraled a group together last minute  to go on an impromptu hike in the afternoon.  We left Seattle with Luis and Bryan’s intern a little after 1 pm, arrived at the Lake Twenty-Two trailhead at about 2:30 pm, hiked the 5.4 mile hike with 1,300 feet of gain in a total of 3.5 hours, returning to the car at 6 pm and were back in Seattle a little after 7 pm to a very sunny evening.  Bryan and I showered and then drove to get burgers and tots at Bent Burger near Seward Park.

Sunday morning we had a bit different of an agenda for church.  It was the annual summer BBQ at church so instead of service at 10 am we had a BBQ potluck at 11 am.  We had volunteered to make a side and brought an Asian cabbage salad.  There was quite a bit of food and all very delicious.  After more burgers (salmon burger for me), salads, fruit and dessert, we headed home to another sunny afternoon.  I was groggy (food coma) but Bryan had enough energy to go for a bike ride with Luis along Lake Washington Boulevard and around Seward Park for another Bike Sunday.  I spent my late afternoon at a very gentle Prenatal Yoga class in Capitol Hill that was all about posture and stretching but good for me to attend.  There were three women at 14/15 weeks, myself at 32 weeks and another woman at 33 weeks.  After class, Bryan and I made dinner and settled into typical Sunday night relaxation before the start of the week.

Bryan’s Sunday ride with Luis

Our weeks are currently pretty full.  With classes on Wednesdays, FareStart on Thursdays, and generally happy hour for Bryan on Tuesdays, the weeks are flying by.  I had my SEAW end of the year banquet and presentation this past Tuesday night.  The presentation on the Seattle Seawall was very interesting and I won four Mariner’s tickets to boot.  I’m ready for another glorious weekend.  Weather may or may not be as great as it has been but I’m pretty indifferent at this point.


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