San Diego Ready

Oh, I’m ready to get out of here!!!  The three-day work week went by quickly and I am ready for more sun and R&R in California.  It’s actually been pretty nice in Seattle for the past week but I just need some different scenery.  I am also very eager to get my hands on some fish tacos, walk with my sand in the toes, relax in a posh hotel and get a much needed massage (probably my biggest complaint of physical symptoms of pregnancy, aside from digestion and not drinking and the emotional and spontaneous mood swings, is that I have been experiencing back pain daily from sitting so much of the time at work).

This week flew by though with two cycle classes, an SEAW dinner meeting down near Sea-Tac on the Bertha tunnel,  church, our first time trying out Gobble dinner kits and a few long walks.  This will be a good, easy break for Bryan and I.  And I think it will reset me before a few weeks back at home before getting ready for the biggie vacation.


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