Anew Weekend

Easter Weekend was an enjoyable one, despite it just being the two of us.  It was a combination of church, prayer, food, and things accomplished.

Friday night was a great night out of the house for us.  We attended the sensory Good Friday walk through event at church which was interesting and well done.  I enjoyed it and we stayed for about an hour.  After leaving church we made our way to Maslow’s (FareStart’s new restaurant) after not having been since its soft opening.  We shared their curry cauliflower appetizer and each tried Brendan McGill’s (from Hitchcock Restaurant) collaboration dish of an amazing plump and juicy porchetta with radicchio, cranberry beans and salsa verde.  The dish was only $15 and only available for the month of March and I left completely stuffed.

Delicious porchetta March dinner at Maslow’s by FareStart.

Saturday was get’er done day.  Bryan had several projects in mind to accomplish, I had to pretend like I am still taking this test and took a 4 hour practice test, and Michigan had to win in the Final Four to send them to the Championship Game.  All three things happened.  It was fueled by a long-missed banana pancakes breakfast before we all started.  Bryan spent about 7 hours working on the garage, fortunately for him it was gorgeous out, and I still cannot believe everything he accomplished.  He had ordered a ski rack, bike rack, shelving units and ziploc tubs from Amazon that all came last week.  He got them all set up in the garage, completely cleared out the garage and organized literally every single thing we have.  It looks amazing (pictures to come later)!  I spent about 5 hours on a 4 hour practice test plus going over the answers before doing a little of my own work in the nursery/guest room.  And we both took a break at 3 pm to watch Michigan beat Loyola despite very poor shooting.  We finished the night with an early Easter ham dinner and both fell asleep pretty early.

Easter Sunday morning came, dreary and cloudy, but we dressed up and got to church early to ensure to get a seat.  It was a great service with a packed house.  We left church and headed home where we had our eggs and hollandaise sauce cooking in the sous vide machine.  Not much work went into the meal once home so we finished it up, plated it and enjoyed our first homemade eggs benedict that was super delicious.  After brunch we both called our families to catch up with them for a while.  I then started another practice test and Bryan built the last piece of furniture currently for the  nursery, putting together the bookcase.  We finished the weekend with a lazy night on the couch watching way too much TV.  Another weekend of very few steps for me again.

Delicious eggs benedict made easy peasy.

Happy Monday and Happy National Championship Day!


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