Two Weeks What? Half Way There…What the What?

We’ve hit two minor milestones as of today…I’m exactly two weeks away from exam day and I am 20 weeks to my due date (aka, half the way there).  I honestly can’t believe it, on either milestone.  Time is sure flying and I’m not crazy about that at the moment.  I feel like I need more time.  Plus this week has kind of turned me upside down and I’m still not sure what direction I am heading…let me explain.

This week was strong on many levels.  I had to accomplish a lot at work, and I did, without having interruptions from internship interviews and whatnot.  I had to spend time focusing on the lateral portion of the exam, day 2 of the exam, and I did.  I still feel light years behind where I should be for day 2 but I’ll keep chugging away.  And I managed to get in a bit of non-work/study items to round out the week.  I attended the last free Monday class at Riot Cycle for the month of March, feeling very good while donning my Michigan gear in all ways to gloat, I got back to the pilates studio on Queen Anne for some muscle-quaking exercises, we had our usual FareStart night with Chan Seattle for some Korean-inspired eats, I enjoyed a delicious Halal Guy platter while studying and Bryan and I are going to a Good Friday experience thing at Church tonight.

I’m still feeling really good with lots of energy.  If I honestly can just keep that energy up for the next two weeks I don’t really care all that much what happens to it after that.  Trying to focus on keeping my body hydrated, taking my nasty pills, and eating balanced and healthy meals.  Considering the circumstances of my schedule these past few months I think I have been doing a pretty good job!

Bryan got to go on a rare work trip for less than 48 hours to sunny Southern California.  He left early Tuesday morning to fly to Palm Springs with another three guys from work and then drove to San Bernadino to inspect and take note of a decommissioned Airbus (A320) plane, before coming back home around midnight on Wednesday night.  He wasn’t keen on going or seeing value in the trip but the reverse-engineering did pay off in some respects and he at least got out of the office and got some sunshine for a few days.  I didn’t get much chance to miss him this time with the studying and the stress that consumed me midweek (still getting there) but of course I’m glad it wasn’t any longer than it was.

So what has completely unraveled me the past few days?  Well, I received the standard email on Wednesday that my exam authorization was ready for my test.  I was directed to sign in to print it out, double check that it is correct, and bring it to the exam with me.  Sign in I did but the first thing that I see is that it has me signed up to take SE Bridges not SE Buildings.  I don’t design bridges, I don’t know bridges, there is no reason in the whole wide world that I would have ever signed up for bridges.  I’m not concerned initially, thinking this is an easy fix.  I write to the exam administration and hear back from them hours later that, “That’s what you signed up for and it’s too late to switch.”  Excuse me, what?!?


Panic mode ensues.  They don’t provide a number to call, they are in EST so by the time I can write them back they are already closed for the day.  I tell them that 1.) this is not my fault and 2.) this is extremely important to me and all of my efforts and finances ($1,000 + for the stupid exam) and that this needs to be changed.  I ask them in email to call me.  Bryan comes home, consoles me, reassures me it will be fine…I don’t sleep.

Thursday morning I get a call at 7:30 am by the most inconsiderate man who from the beginning is adamant that there is nothing they can do about it.  I’m obviously upset over the phone to him and ask him a lot of questions as to why this change happened and why fixing it can’t be done and I get bogus answers.  He doesn’t care about me and my situation…he already has my money.  I ask him what he would do if he were me and his answer was, “Honestly, I don’t know.”  Thanks buddy.  He said he was going to double check but really doubted anything could be done.  That was where I was left.  I was so upset Thursday morning, and still am but now more pissed than hopeless.  I still have not gotten another response so I’m trying to take as many actions as I can on my part to get this straightened out and going to pretend like I am still gearing up for the exam in two weeks, meaning I will put in another 8 hours plus doing a practice exam this holiday weekend.

I’m not in a great mood but I am at least feeling better than I did two days ago and thankfully we have a holiday weekend this weekend full of hope and prayer.  So I’m hoping and I’m praying!


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