First of Four

Oh what fun there is to have…when you spend 15 hours studying on the weekend.  While Bryan spent Friday through Monday in Vail, Colorado with Mark and Kim, skiing, hiking, listening to bands, soaking in some hot springs, I literally spent most of the whole weekend studying.  And it was brutal, mind-numbing.  And my schedule has me doing it again the remaining three weekends before my exam.  Help!

The entire weekend was sunny skies and warmer weather, but instead of outside enjoying it I was sitting in the sun at the dining room table working on practice exams.  I did get in a glorious slow jog along the waterfront Friday afternoon before leaving work.  I got a great solo dinner at Veggie Grill before heading home, watching basketball and relaxing on Friday night.

Saturday and Sunday looked a lot like each other though:

Wake up

Do a few things around the house/continue to wake up

Make breakfast and coffee for study fuel

4 hour timed practice exam (well, small portion of a practice exam)

Snack/sit there with eyes glazed over and brain wracked

Go over answers to problems, realize sadly I’ve boo-booed many of the questions (this took me roughly another 2 hours)

Contemplate life for a while

Remember there is basketball, turn that on and turn off brain



Pile those books high!

I did get to a Hipcooks class to assist on Sunday night which I was looking forward to until the time came to go to it and it was gloriously warm and sunny out and all I wanted to do was stretch my legs outside and get some fresh air.  But alas, I did the class on Persian food.  I think my total step count for the weekend was around 4,000 (that’s for two days, not one).

But I put in the hours and that’s what matters.  I still have some work to go and really haven’t spent much time on the lateral/seismic portion of the exam which is the entire second day.  Honestly at this point, after how I felt after each four hour segment, I don’t know how anyone can even begin the second day with a fresh and accurate mind ready to work another 8 hours.  But I’m trying to be positive because if I only have to do this one time that would be literally the best thing ever.



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