Finale, Futbol, and Food

Another fast and wild week we had between our weekend in Arizona and gearing up for the next backpacking trip, and the longest and biggest one yet.  Not much room for complete R&R but I’m somehow doing fine.


We jumped off the plane in Seattle on Monday morning and turned around to host the finale of Game of Thrones, Season 7.  Not the easiest task but both Bryan and I have loved hosting friends over for the episodes so it was something we never second guessed or regretted.  I got home after 5:30 and by 6:30 I had four burners working and we had four types of sausages grilled, sauerkraut, rotkohl (braised red cabbage), and spatzle made and friends were gathering.  Theme was a medieval feast and that it was.  Around 8 pm we settled in for the 90 minute finale episode which was good but not surprising and now we have to wait until 2019 for the last season!?!?


The next day I played my first official soccer game in over a decade.  Bryan and I grabbed an al fresco dinner at Greenlake Bar and Grill beforehand and my coworker steered me wrong on field location so we both had to correct the situation and drive across the city to get to the correct field about 10 minutes late for the 8 pm game.  We played a pretty competitive team with a few young ringers but we scored a goal in the first half which led to our victory of 1-0.  I’m still getting my touch for the ball but I enjoy having speed on the field and enjoy playing center field and literally being everywhere.  The ladies I play with all are very friendly and actually quite good, having played as a team together for 15 years.  They all like having me on the team too.  So far so good.  I’ve sigend up to play half time for the shorter fall season.


We done well with our medieval feast on Monday and our dinner at Greenlake Bar and Grill on Tuesday night.  We got a Blue Apron box for the first time in a while and made one of the three meals on Wednesday.  We tried out the cornmeal crusted shrimp po boy sandwiches with the tomato and cucumber salad and both enjoyed the meal.  We did kick up the spice on the shrimp with some cayenne and paprika.  And FareStart was a top-notch night of dining.  We always enjoy when the fancy schmancy Columbia Tower Club comes to cook.  This time they brought a delicious halibut crudo starter, a compressed loin of caramelized beef with a bunch of delicious accompaniments like carrot and fennel puree and sauteed leeks and corn, and a chocolate satin dessert with even more complex accompaniments.

Fortunately we aren’t car camping at Rainier tonight but are all driving up really early tomorrow morning to begin the 33 mile loop with a bazillion feet of elevation gain.  I’m relieved that I will have some time to pack tonight and will be able to sleep in our own bed for the night and we are planning to get our pad kee mao from Ti22 to fuel the hike.  Good bye long weekend, I’ll be busting my butt on the trail.


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