One Rose

The weekend celebrating our one year anniversary was such a wonderful few days just the two of us.  We had such a great time enjoying each other and the fun to be had in our city.  It led to many flashbacks, fond memories, laughs, and tearful sappy moments.  That’s what anniversaries are for, right?


Bryan came home with a single rose for the one year that we have been married.  We had an enjoyable dinner late at night outside on our deck to let our house cool off.  Spaghetti, like Lady and the Tramp, along with opening anniversary cards and our Miller corn hole set.


Took our time waking up but then packed up and set out on bike for Both Ways Cafe.  An easy 5 mile bike ride to brunch.  Fantastic brunch at our first date place.  Also enjoyed outside with coffees, breakfast burrito for Bryan and salmon lox scramble for me, plus we split their delicious biscuits and freezer jam.  Fueled we biked down to the Lake Washington shoreline to join the crowds ready to watch the Blue Angels.  We had a better idea though and inflated our tubes to get the best seats in the house; from the lake.  The F-22 was loud and awesome and then the Blue Angels gave us a good 40 minute show.  We floated around afterwards to watch a few of the other flight demonstrations and after a few hours decided it was time to dry off and head back home.  Another 5 miles up hill back to our house with a quick pit stop to catch a bit of the hydro boat races.  Back home we showered and made chicken tortilla soup to enjoy also outside to the tunes of our neighbor’s little backyard concert.  Were going to watch a movie outside until both a rat and a baby raccoon made me too anxious and foiled our plans.


Woke up earlyish and headed south to the Renton Landing on the scooter.  We were going to Seahawks Training Camp.  Decked out in our Seahawks gear we got on the bus to take us to the VMAC for the practice.  We ended up finding good standing spots with good visibility of the whole practice and players.  For two hours we watched them practice, looked for our favorites, caught a few potential new stars (#14 McKissic), saw who was injured (Lane and Frank Clark from Michigan) and scouted the rookies from our schools (#46 Swoopes playing tight end and #84 Darboh who didn’t get a chance during practice).  It was fun to see everything happening, Earl Thomas was back out there playing, Kearse looked good and so did both Wilsons.  I kept telling Bryan that was probably the closest we will ever get to the team while they are playing.  Catching the bus back was easy and from there we were close to Big Island Poke for some fresh and flavorful poke bowls for lunch before heading back to Seattle.  We had a few errands and then decided to catch the Blue Angels airshow once more from up high.  It was a different vantage point and again enjoyable.  Once home we read all of our guest book messages and played one round of Jenga, I won.  We then headed to Miller Park to play some tennis.  A very competitive hour long set ensued until Bryan beat me.

We headed home to clean up and left on foot for our dinner reservation at Harvest Vine at 7 pm.  We enjoyed a really delicious dinner.  We got a fantastic bottle of tempranillo from Spain, along with a glass of champagne that was there to greet us upon sitting down for our anniversary.  We enjoyed gazpacho, fantastic seared trout with piperade and aioli, summer squash with a rich and smoky romesco sauce, the best lamb chops we have ever had along with roasted peppers and eggplant and a silky smooth green almond sauce, grilled quail with balsamic and carrots and then sealed the deal with two desserts; their creamy caramel flan and a decadent chocolate mousse torte with berries and whipped cream.  Everything was so well executed and delicious and our two hour dinner couldn’t have been more enjoyable.  Again, I felt transported to Spain in my very own neighborhood.

Our anniversary was such a good time for celebration and reflection on the past year.  As awesome as the year has been I think the next year will hold even more excitement and enjoyment for us.  Plus I will get twice as many roses!



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