One Year Ending

Our honeymoon year is quickly coming to an end this week.  There is a part of me that can’t believe it has already been a year and another part of me that feels like it has been longer than a year.  I can’t believe this time last year we were in the midst of a fierce competition for the Couples Olympics, were eating BBQ in Northern Michigan with our closest friends and family, and gearing up for an incredible wedding.  The memories of the whole week or still so vivid in my mind and thanks to Facebook I have been given a memory at the start of each day this week.  Unfortunately, I’m sitting here at work wishing that I was in the midst of the activities again, but alas, I’m not.

This week has been one of survival.  Not speaking in terms of our marriage but in terms of our living conditions.  We have been experiencing oppressive heat (for Seattle) all week with temperatures in the 90s every single day along with the worst haze from the BC wild fires that actually labeled Seattle’s air condition as “very unhealthy” on Thursday.  The smoke is still here and is expected to lift slightly in the next few days but still linger for the next week…along with the heat.  Thankfully I don’t have breathing problems or asthma but I feel like my eyes are burning constantly and my throat is itchy and dry.  Not to mention visibility is not great at all and the upcoming SeaFair weekend with the Blue Angels show might not be quite as magnificent.  But I do feel for our Northern neighbors up in Canada.

This week we hosted our third Game of Thrones watch party on Tuesday, with a smaller group, but still 11 of us enjoyed Bryan’s burgers on the grill before settling in to watch the show al fresco.  Wednesday I didn’t want to cook anything at home, or be at home for that matter, so I stopped at the FareStart Community Dinner for their BBQ-themed dinner before buying new soccer cleats, shinguards and a soccer ball from Play It Again Sports on my way home.  I need to practice the sport if I plan to actually join a team this fall.  And FareStart had us in the sterile and air-conditioned restaurant environment for the night for a great menu from Ciudad of fried cauliflower salad, beef and lamb kofta with all of the yummy Middleeastern sauces I love, and a rose water cream pudding for dessert.  I loved dinner!

I’m looking forward to our 1st Anniversary weekend and we have a lot of exciting things planned for how we are spending it!



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