The Mundanes

Not every week is all that interesting.  Case in point, this week.  Following what has been such a whirlwind of a few months we have had essentially a week to do whatever we have felt like.  So throw in a few nights eating out, a few movies at home, a fresh attempt at a new workout regime, moving offices, and deciding what to do with our weekend and that pretty much sums up this week.  But to stretch out the post we will also look at the mundanes…

  • Finally watched The Lion…and we both teared up.
  • I started my new FitnessBlender FBBurn four week program (which will take me so much longer than 4 weeks).  And I was literally sore for days after the one leg workout that I did.  Squats, lunges, and deadlifts are such understated exercises.  I enjoyed doing these exercises outside on the deck and plan to continue doing them outside while I can.
  • It actually drizzled rain on Thursday.  It’s been at least a month without rain.
  • Bryan jumped back into weights and rowing himself this week.  Better exercises to do while stretching out his tight IT band.
  • We got sushi for the first time in ages.
  • FareStart featured one of our favorite chefs and FareStart’s old executive chef for a delicious dinner of scallops, octopus and strawberries and cream.
  • Thursday marked my last day serving full-time duty at the Redmond office.  I will now officially be back in the 1st Ave office and much pleased about that….
  • And on my last full day in Redmond I accidentally got on the wrong bus and didn’t realize it until I was in downtown Bellevue.  It could have been worse because at least I ended up somewhere I knew where I was and knew how to actually get to the right place.  Just cost me about a 20 minute detour and some laughs from my coworkers.
  • We enjoyed one of our favorite places to dine in Seattle at Poppy restaurant for their experience of a thali (meaning a dish with many different components on it).  Excellent dinner, ambiance, and date night for a Friday.
  • Our date night was complete after seeing Fun Home at the 5th Avenue Theater.  Lisa Kron, from Lansing, MI, directed an outstanding play with a great soundtrack and really amazing acting.
  • Bryan donned his new robe and looked quite handsome in it.
  • I am trying to get used to my new hairstyle and the long face framing bangs but it is taking some time.
  • We ended up going on a 15 mile out and back hike to the naturally constructed Kendall’s Katwalk in the Snoqualmie Pass region of the Cascades.  This part of the Pacific Crest Trail was beautiful and rewarding, though our descent went on forever.
  • Always great to have good food post hike.  Ti22 pad kee maos and Lotus Thai fresh rolls enjoyed as takeout at home was pretty much perfect.
  • Sunday morning BBQ at church this week.  Instead of a service we spent a few hours eating street vendor Seattle dogs (hotdogs with cream cheese and grilled onions) and getting to know our church community better.  Perfect sunny day and lots of yard games to play (which we didn’t do).
  • Ended the weekend by seeing Wonder Woman.  We both loved the film and the hardcore super female role!

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This week is looking like it is going to be hot!!!


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