Ragnar Ready

This week was one of trying to get an equal balance of rest and recovery in from the week with the parents and preparation for another fun weekend ahead of us with our Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage.  We were not necessarily lazy in our rest and recovery but still focused on getting some good sleep, a few short runs in, and some nutritionally-filling home-cooked dinners in, all of which we have been somewhat lacking in the past few weeks.

Monday was simply a day of recovery.  We were both tired at work (meaning useless) and it was weird to actually have a night just at home.  Even though we were tired after work we went on a 4-mile run together through the Arboretum.  It wasn’t my best run but I’m still glad that I went.  We had a wholesome spaghetti and salad dinner at home and then picked up a great set of four patio chairs that I found on Craigslist for only $20 total.  We were both pleased with this find and are now ready for our outdoor entertaining this summer.

Tuesday night was our last group Ragnar run.  A long of people were tied up that night so it ended up being just Bryan and myself along with another runner going on a quick 4-mile run along the lake on Lake Washington Boulevard.  All three of us headed back to our house to be joined with the Dodd’s for a team meal of pulled pork sandwiches, sides, and beer outside in our new chairs.

Wednesday and Thursday night were more free nights and rest days from running or activities.  Both nights we enjoyed meals at home and took time to do laundry to get our running gear clean, piled up our packing essentials for the race, and then met other teammates downtown at the Avis rental facility to get our two large vans for the race and stock them with our provisions.

Friday morning was the official race start and Van 1 will be starting at 10:30 am.  Van 2 (our van) is required to meet for the safety meeting in Bellingham, WA at 2 pm so our van is leaving at the early hour of 11 am.  My stuff is packed and ready to go and I’m about to meet up with the fellow racers.  I hope to take plenty of photos of the race and should have a recap of the race blow by blow after the weekend.

Go Team “Shouldn’t We Be Running to Canada?”!!!  And Happy Early Birthday to my wonderful husband!


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