It’s Summer!

We’ve officially reached summer and just in time the weather is turning for the warmer.  Not as warm as Lubbock or Phoenix, thank goodness, but temps reaching 99 on Sunday (according to same weather centers) but we will be moving towards a perfect 75 for the foreseeable future.  I’ll take it.

It was a busy week.  After our night at Capital Grille with the Dodds I had my Spring Social for my SEAW professional organization in Eastlake.  The dinner featured a very interesting presenter on the Seattle locks and waterway systems and how that has changed the city’s development and industry the last one hundred years.  And this year is the Centennial Celebration for the locks, July 4th to be exact, so there will be some boat parades and other shindigs around Seattle for it.

Wednesday night we successfully held our first Ragnar group run and had all but two runners from the team present.  That’s a good success after a bit of a fiasco getting to the run.  We did two laps around Greenlake for about 5.5 miles.  My legs and/or energy level were still slightly depleted from the weekend I think.  After the run about half of us went over to the Dodds for a dinner Angela cooked up for us of ribs, coleslaw, cornbread and potato salad.  We didn’t end up getting home until about 9:30.

Thursday night was another nearly sold out night at FareStart for Contadino restaurant and the meal was another solid winner in my book.  Friday was a gorgeous day and Bryan and I hung out in the backyard for a while before heading for Kizuki ramen in Capitol Hill for a pre-hike dinner.

Saturday morning we got a very late start for our hike, leaving the house around 10 am.  We drove the two hours to the trailhead at Stafford Creek in the Teanaway area, just north of Cle Elum, with the roof off the Jeep and the wind in my hair!  I honestly didn’t want to get out of the car but alas I did.  We hit the trail at 12:15 pm and it was already pretty toast at the bottom.  We started our ascent and the first 1.5 miles were easy peasy and following the Stafford Creek with the noise of the running water.  We were moving fast throughout the uphill climb to Navaho Pass with good amounts of breeze and shade mixed with the sun.  The last bit with the green meadow followed very soon after by a moonscaped valley was very interesting and then we were at the Pass where we found an awesome log to sit and eat our pb&js.  We decided that we were feeling good enough to push on for 1 more mile including 1,000 feet of climb.  This part was tough.  It was more or less straight up through some loose dirt and stone and my calves are still feeling this push.  But we did it and the views from the top of Navaho Peak were well worth the effort.  We took in the sights and took a breather before we started our descent.

Our Saturday hike (underestimating our distance though)

Little did we know that the descent was going to be the hardest and longest portion of the hike on this day.  The first mile down was even more difficult going down, making sure that we were keeping sure-footed.  Once we had that mile in we were ready to hit the trail running…that is, until we ran into a guy that was in need of some help.  His 75 lb dog had torn his pads off his paw and was limping and not wanting to make the hike down, which at this point is still 5 miles.  He used our trekking poles and another person’s hammock to make a stretcher for the dog which he and Bryan were going to carry down.  We probably went no more than 300 feet when we realized this was not going to work.  The dog wasn’t having it and that was going to be one heavy load to carry down.  The owner devised some booties for the dogs paws, good enough that with some Tylenol, the dog was able to slowly walk.  The first few miles were slow going, stopping every once and awhile to put the booties back on the dog’s paws.  But finally, around 7 pm we were on softer and more level ground and we were able to pick up speed.  It was about 8:30 pm when we got back to the trailhead, a whole 8 hours of hiking!  We finished at over 13 miles and 4,000 feet of climbing, a good days work indeed.  Bryan and I were starting to get bit by bugs so we said goodbye to the owner and dog and headed towards Roslyn for a picture in front of the Roslyn Cafe and then to Cle Elum for food at The Caboose (all of the restaurants in Roslyn had just closed their kitchen).  Our dinner was tasty!  I got the recommended fish and chips and Bryan got the mushroom and swiss burger and there definitely wasn’t a crumb left on our plates.  We made our way back to Seattle sleepy and tired, immediately showered once home, ate a big bowl of ice cream and fell asleep quickly.

Sunday we awoke to sunshine and heat.  Though tired and groggy we dressed and left on the scooter for church.  After church we scooted down to SODO for an excellent brunch at Macrina Bakery for a mystery shop.  One of the best brunches I have had in awhile.  Bryan got the sausage strata with pesto and kale and I got the parmesan crusted eggs with creamed spinach and an heirloom tomato salad.  YUM!  We even got to watch them making and frosting cakes.  After we were stuffed we continued on to Alki Beach where we quickly found a parking spot and a place for our towels.  I started reading Hidden Figures and after a lot of sun Bryan and I went for a walk as the tide was coming in.  Once we had enough sun we headed back home to lounge and stay inside from the heat.  We spent the night with our feet up, watched a documentary on Ragnar, and then went to bed.

Afternoon at the beach

One of the best weekends we have had in awhile!


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