All By Myself

While Bryan was in Vegas living it up this past weekend I was at home with little of much to do.  I found ways to entertain myself and was generally enjoying my R&R time until Sunday when I was ready for him to come home.  It helped that Friday was a gorgeous spring day that I was able to get out and play a bit (meaning avoiding work…the company understands the issue that has been the weather this winter) before the rain resumed over Saturday and Sunday.

FareStart was a busy and late night with me hostessing.  The new and pricey Eden Hill from Queen Anne was the chef of the night and served up some delicious cold smoked salmon, twice smoked brisket and a strawberry ice cream profiterole.  I was just eager to head home since my chauffeur wasn’t with me dining.

Like I said, Friday was money so I took my time walking to work.  Working in the First Ave office for the day I was able to steal some time to go for a run with a coworker.  This would be a very, very slow run to go their pace.  After work I got a mini makeover at Nordstrom’s, shopped a bit, and then got my fill at a lash appointment.  All in all a very girly good Friday.  I picked up dinner on the way home and started the series called Girlboss on Netflix (which I ended up finishing the first season by the end of the weekend).


Saturday morning the weather was still very comfortable and rain-free and knowing that I had a short window of it being that way I headed out right after waking for my weekend long run.  On the docket was a 7-miler but since I had run not even 24 hours prior and I chose a hilly run so that I could end at Starbucks, I ended up doing only about 6.5 miles.  I went a pretty moderate pace at that too.  It was a good run though to Madison Park where I could catch glimpses of the big rowing cup teams practicing on Lake Washington, along the lake through Lesci, past I-90 and then up the climb to the I-90 bike tunnel and ending at the Starbucks at 23rd and Jackson.  I had a reward and got a venti latte to enjoy on my cool-off walk home.  This was just as it was starting to sprinkle.

Post run I was pretty much useless the rest of Saturday afternoon.  I took the opportunity to finally finish the book Sutton that I really enjoyed.  I did some cleaning and made a warming soup and breakfast in casa.  I cleaned myself up and decided to get dinner at Veggie Grill before heading to the Seattle Rep for a musical.  Those fish tacos are A++.  The play, Here Lies Love, was A+++.  I really enjoyed the music and dance and was glad that I got out for the night.

Sunday drizzled all day long.  I’m so over the rain.  I didn’t make it to church because I don’t really care for going by myself, so instead I read the paper and made breakfast.  I continued Girl Boss and when I couldn’t really take lounging anymore I ventured out into the drizzle to clean the Jeep.  I spent about 1.5 hours vacuuming the interior, then cleaning the seats with what I had (carpet cleaner) and finally wiping down the hard surfaces.  It was a dirty job but I was insistent on getting it done.  I then drove the Jeep to get the week’s groceries before making my own pasta dinner and finishing Girlboss, trying not to fall asleep before picking up Bryan at the airport in the Jeep around midnight.

A very uneventful weekend compared to Bryan’s.  I’m just so glad that he is back home!


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