A short week is always a welcomed treat in my mind so I was just as happy to have a trip to Whistler planned as I was to have a 3 1/2 day work week.  After a weekend that was spent with sickness, fatigue, and a hurt back, I wasn’t really that relaxed going into the work week.  We had a pretty mellow St. Patty’s Day, spent most of Saturday and Sunday watching the March Madness tournament, which meant that we also had to take a week off of church in order to watch the Michigan victory over Louisville (!!!), and enjoyed an Irish dinner and some Euchre at Andrew and Angela’s Saturday night.  We had a reprieve from the wet weather with gorgeous sunny skies on Sunday so Bryan and I took a couple of walks in the sun to soak up as much Vitamin D as we could and stretch our legs (or backs).

This week I’m working as quick as can be to help get my coworker’s station up to 60% design speed.  This has meant a lot of detailing work that is a nice break from calculations but also means I start to get cross-eyed from looking at the screen.  It’s good that I had a bunch of non-screen time post-work to right them out.  Monday I was back at Hipcooks for probably my favorite class of theirs; Thai One On, with pad thai, spring rolls, satay, papaya salad, green curry and red curry.  Tuesday night Bryan and I spent our second night out for Dine Around Seattle at another Ethan Stowell restaurant that we had not been to yet IN Capitol Hill, Rione XiII.  We again got to dine on a bunch of shared appetizers, a steak for me and lamb sausage rigatoni for Bryan, and finished with a silky panna cotta and stracchiatella gelato (they had just run out of their tiramisu which was a bummer).

Wednesday night was packing night for our ski trip, which we are leaving for this afternoon, early enough to get to Vancouver in time to catch the tip off to the Michigan basketball game versus the almighty-stupid Mighty Ducks of Oregon.  We have a room at the Whistler Cascade Lodge for three nights with three free days of skiing.  The snow is looking prime for us and we are both pretty excited.  Plus I was able to nag a few mystery shops for dining out in Whistler and Vancouver!


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