Rain, Rain, Please Go Away

Since being back from Utah we have had nothing but rain…and that’s not to say that it was any different before we left for Utah.  It has rained for a portion of nearly every single day, and sometimes for the whole day.  I was about to lose my cool until this past Thursday we were pleasantly surprised with sunshine that I graciously accepted and spent my time between work and FareStart walking along the waterfront.  But it’s back to rain today.  At least we got a break.

The sun is out!

So we have been mostly busy with work and laziness since Utah.  We’ve had FareStart like usual and I helped with the Hipcooks Romantic Dinner class on Tuesday night but that’s about it.  Bryan ran 12 miles and I ran 8.5 last Saturday which was a mix of wind, mist, sunshine and a great rainbow over Lake Washington.  We had a delicious burger dinner at 8 oz Burger in Capitol Hill to welcome in the weekend last Friday and then had another great dinner out for Dine Around Seattle at the newer Ethan Stowell restaurant MKT. in the Green Lake neighborhood.

We did subscribe to the Seattle Times which we now get on Sundays. Hello crossword puzzles.

Work has been plentifully busy for both of us with Bryan making several trips down to Frederickson for some early morning meetings and my old supervisor up from San Francisco visiting us two days this week.  I see no easing up of my project until mid-June, so at least I should be more relaxed at work come summertime.  And hopefully back in the main office.


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