Keeping Up With the Millers

Day to day life is so busy that sometimes you don’t fully grasp what types of changes or events are actually going on in one’s life.  I took the few rare minutes I had today to see them out.  Some are rather meaningless and others are not.

  • Really trying to grow out my hair and may have finally figured out how to blow dry my hair at the young age of 30.
  • At the same time also have spent considerable time in the past few days researching The Curly Girl Method and how to remoisturize my hair.  This includes buying new deep conditioners and other botanical treatments.  Reattempted the no-poo method I tried once in the past and still don’t like it.
  • Currently loving a lot of Asian flavors.  This includes those pot stickers we are hooked on, experimenting with mostly Thai dishes at home and currently have been enjoying homemade fried rice way more than I ever thought I would.
  • Baked something for the first time in I can’t even remember; banana bread for both Bryan and I and my cohort at work.
  • FareStart just launched a new program in conjunction with Amazon that will expand their culinary education and sounds pretty exciting.  I will definitely be making a visit when it opens.  I also wonder if there will be any new volunteer roles associated with this expansion.
  • FareStart also graciously gave us our Circle of Impact gift bags on Thursday which included their 25 year anniversary cookbook, a gift certificate to dine at a Guest Chef Night, and an apron.  We also got new button down shirts a few weeks back to wear on Thursdays.
  • Owning a car (even for a week while my supervisor is out) apparently stresses me out.  I don’t know why I worry about it so much; someone hitting it, it rolling down the hill in the middle of the night, getting into a fender bender, locking the keys in the car.  Seriously stressing over it.
  • Got my feet finally fitted for running shoes and also got a free pair thanks to a mystery shop and it turns out the shoes that I currently own are actually ones that come recommend for my foot!  Also, really liked the service that I received at Feet Fleet.
  • Finally got my new Feathered Friends Eos down jacket and am so excited to have it.  Especially for the upcoming Salt Lake City trip.
  • Finished watching Sneaky Pete on Amazon and really enjoyed that series.
  • I can’t get enough of the song by John Splithoff “Sing to You”.  Feel good fun song that makes me feel like dancing to in Grocery Outlet.
  • I got a lot done but was 100% bored at home by myself on my day off of work on Monday (President’s Day).  I’d honestly rather be at work, at least on a rainy day, how sad is that?
  • Bryan has officially kicked off his marathon training 18 week plan.  We did so with a misty 7.1 mile run last Saturday that finished with a beer tasting flight at Peddler Brewing and another beer and latke sandwich at Stoups Brewing with the Andrew and Angela.  We did pack a few things to change into but have also learned a few lessons for the future.  Also learned that misty runs are TOUGH mentally.
  • Last Friday night dinner, drinks and walks to Yard House ended with one stuffed belly and a La La Land-esque dancing in the streets on the way home to actual music from Bryan’s phone.  FUN!
  • Babysit the three kids for Andrew and Angela which included fusion beads and Super Mario to really transport me back to my childhood.
  • Spent Saturday night back with the FareStart crew for some Cranium, food and lots to drink.
  • Finally had Billy and Valerie over for dinner on Sunday night.  I made a Lebanese/Turkish food spread and enjoyed seeing quickly-growing Ainsley while watching the end of the Oscars.


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