Valentines Take 6!!

Yesterday marked Bryan and my sixth Valentines together!  That’s quite a few actually and it may have been one of the most enjoyable ones.  It was nice to take a break from work and routine and enjoy a REALLY nice dinner and play out.

After the fun and beauty of the snow melted away last week it was back to business at work for both of us.  Bryan was dealing with an issue in the factory and I was working away on the four packages that are due in these few weeks for 60%, including my main project for the Overlake Village Station, that was due for constructability review last Thursday.  We worked hard but not that late so I was still able to get in some lounge and fitness time last week.  I also dined solo at Veggie Grill for a mystery shopping promo visit (hopefully they become a mystery shopping client because I love their food so much) and had some great fish tacos.  FareStart was a busy but smooth night featuring the new restaurant next door, Butchers Table, and Friday night I had what felt like mild food poisoning from the 2 star Indian restaurant my cohort decided to visit for lunch.  Didn’t matter because Bryan was asleep by 9 pm on the couch.

Yummy fish tacos on a rainy night.
Yummy fish tacos on a rainy night.

We had another great weekend and some great weather with it this time.  Saturday morning we made a breakfast hash before setting out for our weekly Seward Park run.  However, Bryan decided to change it up a bit and parked farther away so we instead finished an 8.5 mile run.  Stretching, shakes, showers and then we were headed to “Chef Drew’s” house for their first ever donation dinner.  It was a fantastic idea where Drew and his wife made heaps of lasagna, caesar salad, foccacia, and chocolate chip cookies, along with plenty of house wine and encouraged friends to donate to one of the two organizations that they held a collection box for.  Such a wonderful idea and fantastic food.  After our runs Bryan and I demolished plenty of food before enjoying drinks and games around their fire pit with the Dodds plus kids.

Sunday morning we made it to church before heading to Macrina Bakery in Belltown for an excellent brunch and continued conversation sparked by the service.  Post brunch included sunshine strolling downtown to get Bryan some new jeans before heading back through the market and then home.  I spent some time talking to the parents on Dad’s birthday.  Then we had a nice dinner at home while watching Finding Dory, Bryan’s pick.

Macrina brunch in the sunlight. Amazing prosciutto, blue cheese and pear omelet for me.
Macrina brunch in the sunlight. Amazing prosciutto, blue cheese and pear omelet for me.

Monday was rather uneventful other than it being a gorgeous day out so Bryan encouraged me to run through the Arboretum.  Hadn’t been in forever.  We had another dinner at home while watching Sully.


And like I said earlier, we had just a fantastic Valentine’s Day out.  I met Bryan at Heartwood Provisions where we decided to try their Valentine’s Day prix fixe 5-course tasting menu which did not disappoint.  Plus Rioja wine and a couple of outstanding cocktails complemented the delicious food.  We had this amazing menu except their stellar beef jerky in place of the oysters we don’t care much for.  The steak entree was one of the best entrees I’ve had in years and the dessert was right up my ally.  Everything was executed perfectly and we were proud of ex-FareStart chef Varin for cooking up some great food.

Post dinner we mosied over to the Seattle Rep for the play Well.  I was already excited for the performance, looking forward to our front row seats, and then I saw what the play was actually about and nearly freaked; Lansing, MI.  What?  Huh?  In utter confusion I read the synopsis and then settled in for another thought-provoking play by the Rep but in a very unique and interesting format.  Our Valentine Day was delicious and entertaining and really perfect in my mind.

And today is rain and gloom but I’m in the First Ave office for the day and spending the night with Polly.



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