Snow Ski and Slaving Away

I just realized that it has been two weeks since my last post.  That’s how busy I’ve been at work while I have been there.  We’ve had two pretty good weeks.  The first was rather uneventful as Bryan was home sick during much of it. We had a few low key nights, a solo FareStart night for me, and a Structural Engineers happy hour hosted and tour provided by the Living Building project at the Bulleit Center in Capitol Hill that I found very interesting.  Our first weekend needed rest and recovery for both of us; I was worried that I was coming down with whatever Bryan had.  We still had a fun weekend just the two of us.  Friday night we decided to walk to Fat’s for dinner which came with a dose of entertainment.  While waiting for our food the restaurant was visited by some police questioning diners if they had seen the “altercation”.  This became the topic for the rest of the night and brought a lot of excitement along with our fried catfish, green tomatoes and chicken and waffles dinner.  We headed home, without an altercation.

Saturday morning Bryan headed off to his men’s bible group before coming home and making us our usual pancakes and bacon.  We then both walked downtown.  I was going to get my haircut and Bryan was going to wait for the Dodds to go to the pinball machine.  Well, 3 hours later, my haircut was finished and dried and poor Bryan was still waiting.  He had a good walk though while I sat in the chair.  We grabbed some coffees from Ladro and walked to Feathered Friends where I bought myself a new down jacket that I am super excited to get.  Small production means a bit of a wait for my order.  Bryan also got himself a super nice soft shell by Arcteryx that I told him he should hide from my mom.  We decided to continue walking down Eastlake and stopped into Eastlake Bar and Grill for dinner.  Delish and relaxing as usual and then we walked home.  Bryan had over 30,000 steps for the day and the walking he said was making him feel much better.

Sunday morning we went to church, came home and made an easy lunch and finished the puzzle that Bryan had started while he was sick.  This was a very tricky puzzle with oddly shaped pieces.  But its done and displayed gloriously still on our dining room table.  After finishing the puzzle Bryan felt good enough to go for our Seward Park run so we did.  We came home and cleaned up and then headed to Nortgate to mystery shop at the always wonderful Kizuki for ramen and potstickers and then went to see Hidden Figures which I absolutely loved.

Seattle by puzzle.
Seattle by puzzle.

The work week went quick.  Real quick.  We had great dinners at home Monday through Wednesday (I’m really enjoying crispy fish tacos at home) and had a rather late FareStart night of New Orleans cuisine before heading home (in the snow) to pack for our Mt. Baker ski weekend.  Friday we jetted out in the pouring down rain around 2:30 pm and had a rather smooth drive to our condo in Glacier, WA where we arrived around 5 pm.  The others arrived in batches after us and we spent Friday night at the other group’s cabin where Luis made us a delicious meat and sweet potato chili.  Saturday we were out the door around 8:30 am to drive the half hour to the ski resort and were on the slopes by 9:30 am.  There was a lot of snow but it was wet and heavy snow that caused a lot of people trouble throughout the day.  We broke for lunch as a group midday and I wasn’t looking too forward to the afternoon but the snow was actually much better in the afternoon and it was fun (although slow) skiing with the whole group.

Around 3:30 pm, when the lifts were closing we were all pretty wet and ready to head back to dry off.  Our condo had a sauna which helped me dry out and the boys were in charge of dinner for us.  Bryan had put two pork loins in the sous vide in the morning so he finished that off by searing it and topping with flambeed bourbon apples.  Ryuhei and Mark were in charge of a bacon and avocado salad and we feasted as a group in our condo.  We played a few games and when the other group headed back to their cabin we popped in Ratatouille where I promptly fell asleep on the window bench above the heater (aka in Heaven).

The boys feast....and beer-misosas.
The boys feast….and beer-misosas.

Sunday morning we were all thinking we couldn’t handle the wet snow again so weren’t planning on skiing.  However, upon waking up we found a boatload of fresh and light snow everywhere.  We had lost power in the middle of the night, as did all of the surrounding areas, so the condo was losing heat and we couldn’t make our bacon-heavy breakfast or coffee in the morning.  Instead we sat and watched the snow fall.  Later we learned that the road to Baker was closed due to many fallen trees so we wouldn’t have been able to ski anyways (Baker is still closed today too).  We ate what we could, packed up, cleaned off the cars and then headed back to Seattle.

The drive home from Baker.
The drive home from Baker.

Bryan and I enjoyed the Super Bowl at home by ourselves.  As Bryan indicated on Facebook, I had boundless energy after watching Lady Gaga that I did a Fitness Blender video during the second half while Bryan drank his beer.  We were actually happy the Patriots pulled out the comeback and what a game.  We enjoyed (a little late but hey that is how it goes in PST) our homemade buffalo wings and caesar salad after the game and prepared ourselves for the week.

And this morning I woke up to a beautiful landscape of pure white snow and am currently the only one from my group here at the office.  That’s the Michigan in me.


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