Hate and Love

Last week was another week that zoomed right on by.  Monday night was a chill night at home with dinner and…puzzles!  Bryan and I finally completed our wedding puzzle fast and furiously.  Tuesday night we got to enjoy some wine and good hearty comfort food at our first of the year Novelty Hill party.  The Dodd’s were busy parenting so Marika and Randy came in their place.  Wednesday night Bryan went to happy hour with Philipp at Queen Anne Beer Hall and I struck out with finding anyone available so I spent the wet night at home which was alright with me.  Thursday night was an exceptional dinner at FareStart with Guest Chef from Shaker + Spear.  An apple and onion tart with arugula salad, butter roasted cauliflower and arctic char on creamy polenta, and coconut panna cotta with pineapple granita that tasted just like a pina colada on the beach.

Successful completion of puzzle
Successful completion of puzzle
Amazingly delicious and buttery arctic char at FareStart
Amazingly delicious and buttery arctic char at FareStart

Enter the weekend, hallelujah, amen.  Bryan and I started the weekend off with cocktails and dinner at the Tin Lizzie Lounge in lower Queen Anne.  We thought about attending the Seattle Rep but dinner lasted too long so we just headed home and found ourselves wrapped up in the disheartening news of the divisive occurrences across our country and right at home in Seattle.  But Saturday started with warm sunshine filled skies in contrast the dark and dreary weather of Friday with new light and new hope.  While Bryan and I decided to sleep in and make banana pancakes instead of attending the march we could not stop watching the news covering all corners of the country and world of people coming together and sharing with one another positivity and support for one another.  I miss this!  The past two years have been some filled with constant debates and judgement and not the love and compassion that our country and loved ones should share with one another.  This unity is needed and it was like finally breathing in fresh air.

Made it to Friday victory dinner and drink at Tin Lizzie. Plus lox plate and chicken panini.
Made it to Friday victory dinner and drink at Tin Lizzie. Plus lox plate and chicken panini.

Bryan and I got our Seward Park run in during the afternoon while a very sweet lady cleaned our house for us.  I also feel a million times better with a clean house.  I made some bacon wrapped dates and we picked up a bottle of whisky to take over for Ryuhei for the celebration of his 31st birthday party.  Ryuhei and Polly went all out with a roasted rack of prime rib, sous vide pork belly sliders, cheese plater, beet salad, and a cannoli birthday cake homemade by Polly.  We had a good time seeing our friends for the first time in a while and really enjoyed the night.  Sunday morning we attended church and then went back home to enjoy some hot soup on a rainy morning.  Sunday night we were back in Queen Anne for our friend Anita’s party, this one incorporating her Sri Lanka and Maldives photo slideshow and an extravagant potluck dinner of some Mediterranean dishes that I have been missing since Turkey and Greece.

Celebrating Ryuhei for the night.
Celebrating Ryuhei for the night.

It was an enjoyable weekend for us spent in Seattle but I’m still just not sure I am ready for another week yet.


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