Change Up in Routine

Wow!  So this has been a whirlwind two weeks since being back from our wonderful trip.  I have been thrown in to the slammer, that being the project office in Redmond, WA, and with an earlier start time, longer commute, and friends in town I have not even been able to think straight it seems.  I’m slowly adjusting to the changes though and this week was a lot more positive thank last week, thanks to having a set schedule and carpooling with my coworkers.  Hopefully it just keeps getting better.  For sure there is no better motivator than “get your work done because as soon as its done you can move back to the main office”.  So that’s at least a driver that has gotten me to write up calculations and doodle up drawings as quick as can be.

My new commute from my pickup spot.
My new commute from my pickup spot.

So along with the past two weeks of FareStart we have also had two friends in town.  Abby was back for the holidays and winter break from grad school so it was good to see her both Thursday nights…even though that meant a super late night last night getting wine at Le Caviste until 12:30 at night.  Ky was in town the past weekend and we mainly just had Friday night with him to grab dinner at one of our new favorites, Soi in Capitol Hill.  It was a brief visit but were still glad to see him.

Hamachi crudo for a starter at FareStart
Hamachi crudo for a starter at FareStart

Now that we are working from 6:30 to 3:30 (its both of us because Bryan is sweet enough to drop me off in the morning to catch my carpool) that means we have daylight when we get home to do stuff after work.  This means that I have made a few dinners; chicken with homemade mole sauce, chicken satay with fried rice and peanut sauce, and spaghetti.  Bryan and I also got to a matinee (!) to see La La Land on Tuesday night for $2 thanks to T-Mobile Tuesdays which I highly recommend.  We got some sushi after the movie at Miyabi to finish off our great date night.  This also means that our workouts have been moved after work.  This week I started the Fitness Blender Blend program and three days in (its a 5 day a week program so I’m already behind) I’ve hit my legs, arms and core and have been extremely sore.  This was also compounded with our weekly run we did around Seward Park last Saturday.

Go see this!
Go see this!

We cheered the Seahawks on against my still-loved Lions team on Saturday night while getting dinner at Eastlake Bar and Grill.  We got to church and did some errands around the house during a wet Sunday.  Fortunately we have had gloriously sunny weather for the most part since being back, however its been cold.  Tomorrow we are supposed to warm up in temperature but bring back the rain.  I’ll still enjoy the warmer temps for a bit of a break from the cold.

Moving on
Moving on



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