Snowy Days Are Here Again

This week we have gotten something that we haven’t gotten in two years…SNOW!  We woke up to a surprise bout of big snowflakes on Monday but that didn’t last long.  However, Thursday after FareStart we left in a beautiful frenzy of falling snow that was actually sticking to the ground, and stayed there through Friday morning.  It really was beautiful for the short time that we had it.

This week went quick…as they always seem to do around the holiday time.  I made it a hot and sweaty yoga class Monday after work and we enjoyed some homemade chicken fried chicken dinner from a Blue Apron recipe I stole off of their website.  Tuesday was an early morning meeting for me in the frosty eastside and then after work Bryan and I got to enjoy a mystery shopping dinner at Capital Grille downtown with a fantastic meal that left me stuffed.

Wednesday I attended the annual FareStart holiday community dinner which was really well done and highly attended this year.  Roast beef, roasted juicy turkey, a pasta bar and a thousand sweet treats to seal the deal.  And Thursday night we were back at FareStart for a busy night with the Sky City at the Needle restaurant pulling out all of the stops with a butternut squash soup with crab salad, exquisite beef wellington with mashed potatoes and au jus and a chocolate pot de creme for dessert.

Amazing meal!
Amazing meal!

Today doesn’t feel like Friday to me because I plan to work tomorrow to catch up and earn back more vacation time.  I’ll still be enjoying my Friday night somehow.


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