Off to the Gulf

Cannot wait for this vacation…and no longer have to!  I haven’t had Thanksgiving with my family since moving to Seattle and I have really missed it.  Now we get a mental break from work and a mental break from the rain and get to enjoy some R&R and family time in Siesta Key, Florida, a place that is near and dear to my heart since before I can remember.

This week went by fast, mostly because it was a 2 day work week for us and the weekend was quite enjoyable.  Bryan and I had date night on Friday, including Kizuki ramen and the movie The Arrival that we both enjoyed.  We had couch time Saturday for all of our football games and then I got date time with Polly that night as Bryan went to the UW vs. Arizona State game with Andrew.  Sunday we did our usual church, then awesome Seahawks win against the Eagles, then we finally got to try Soi in Capitol Hill.  We’ve been eager to visit here since the cute couple came to FareStart just before opening their restaurant last year.  It did not disappoint!  We shared a bunch of dishes off of the happy hour menu including phad prik (green beans), spinach with peanut sauce, beautiful curry shrimp with banana chips, and fried tofu and pork wontons and shrimp in a sauce very similar to pad thai sauce.  It was all delicious and we got some sticky rice to mop up the remaining sauces.

Always delicious ramen at Kizuki
Always delicious ramen at Kizuki
Very interesting movie!
Very interesting movie!

Since the week started work has been go, go, go.  We have had two dinners at home; one great dish of butternut squash ravioli with chanterelle mushrooms and chicken (which was also really easy) and a Thai peanutty noodles dish.  I got my bonus and my raise for the mid-year.  I went to yoga on Monday night per usual for an awesome class and I got a mani-pedi in preparation for vacation on Tuesday night.

Wontons, shrimp, and tofu in pad thai sauce
Wontons, shrimp, and tofu in pad thai sauce
Phenomenal curry shrimp
Phenomenal curry shrimp

Can’t wait to see the Snodgrass/Krupp clan!


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