Brain Fried

My brain is legit fried.  This week at work has been a strain on the brain for sure.  I was even labeled a “mad scientist” with my calculations.  I will take that as a complement though not entirely sure it came across that way with me.

Anyways, very much ready for a weekend and even more ready for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Bryan and I had a few nights on our own this week for either work or drinks with friends.  I attended the first SEAW Young Member Forum happy hour since I think I was social chair, what three years ago?!?  It was good to go and meet some new faces as well as mostly talk with the two that I knew.  It was also nice to get both the food paid for and beers paid for thanks to the one Hilti young rep.

And while Bryan was enjoying drinks with friends on Wednesday I was supposed to meet up with Polly but ended up getting an impromptu dinner by myself at Veggie Grill (for the first time in a long time as well) for a great southern fried chick’n dinner.

I forgot how much I like Veggie Grill!
I forgot how much I like Veggie Grill!

Thursday’s FareStart was smooth and seafood-filled with Duke’s Chowder House as Guest Chef.  Our three course dinner featured an amazing chopped salad with a prawn and scallop skewer, coho salmon with a prawn potato zucchini cake and basil sauce, and a carrot cake cupcake with caramel pear sauce and both vanilla and caramel ice cream.  Stuffed!

And I have somehow managed to get Bryan to do two of my FitnessBlender videos with me this week.  The one was even the one from the other week that tweaked his back.

Thank goodness for Friday and getting dinner with my boy tonight, maybe seeing a movie and having some good girl time with Polly tomorrow night.


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