What an emotional and somewhat exhausting week.  Every single day having something going on and on top of that work has kicked up to even another gear.  Most days were great, Tuesday of course being one not so great day in the record books. But despite the very somber feel in Seattle right at the moment, life goes on and so does our schedule.

Monday night was fantastic!  Bryan and I had such a good time cheering on the Seahawks LIVE at Centurylink Field with the largest crowd ever.  It was an exciting, high scoring game too from start to finish.  Our offense actually clicked and our defense did its job against a tough QB/RB duo that were tough to stop.  But we did it and it came down to the last drive.  Bryan and I scooted to get a quick Thai fix at TI22 after the game before heading home.

Tuesday night we commiserated with our friends at least as Luis and Carina held a watching “party”.  From the sound of it there were still more conversation and laughs at ours than most viewing parties in Seattle.  However, I was silent as I was worried and stressed as soon as the results started coming in.  It was a much later night than we all expected and Bryan and I scooted home somewhere after 11 pm.

Wednesday I assisted the great Thai 3 cooking class at Hipcooks, washing dishes all night long and reminded myself again how to make the pork larb salad, shrimp dumplings, panang curry and pad see ew.  Plus getting to eat all of those amazing dishes.

Thursday night was a hearty Italian dinner at FareStart with the newer restaurant in Belltown, Orfeo, as Guest Chef.  Bryan and I were both captaining again.  Easy service with another solid diner count.  Food was delicious and comforting with a boar lasagna, housemade mozzarella salad and pumpkin tiramisu that was off the charts.

TGIF TGIF TGIF.  Though I’m now wishing work weeks were longer to accomplish more.  Wait, no, I never wish that but you know what I mean.  Tonight we get to attend our last wine party of the year at our wine club Novelty Hill/Januik but our first ever harvest party.  This is supposed to be an even grander, finer party than all the rest, which have all been spectacular.  And we continue to have nice weather this week, although I hear that may be ending just in time for the weekend.  Go figure!


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