Soggy, Sunny and Sleepy

Despite recuperating for the majority of the weekend we had a great weekend together.  My happy hour was fun on Friday night and I came home to Bryan to watch Adam Sandler’s funny comedy Do Over and get some sound sleep.

Saturday rained all. day. long.  Normally I would be ranting and raving about the awful weather but this day I felt the worst so I was perfectly content to stay inside and watch football all day long.  We started out with the big feud of a game; Tech vs. Texas.  Tech won last year so I guess it was Texas’ turn to win what was a pretty close battle from start to finish.  Michigan and Washington each had no trouble handling their opponents so we are gearing up to maybe play each other in the playoffs, fingers crossed.

Saturday Bryan made me bacon and pancakes and then we made a great and simple Blue Apron dinner of southern fried chicken with mashed potatoes and collard greens.  Both of our plates were licked clean.  We watched an OUTSTANDING movie that was ironically set in northern Washington called Captain Fantastic.  Watch it!  And I was asleep by 10:30 pm to start on my Daylights Savings time record breaking 10 hours of sleep.  Yeah, I was sick.

Fantastic move for Captain Fantastic
Fantastic move for Captain Fantastic

Sunday morning we both woke “early” and red in bed before getting to church the earliest we ever have.  It was a service that got us talking at brunch at Macrina’s afterwards.  Oh brunch was heaven, especially sitting in the window sunlight.  We took advantage of the sunny day for a nice walk along the Olympic Sculpture Park and the waterfront, sat in the sun on a park bench for a while and then headed back home on scooter.  We raked leaves, caught some NFL games, and then made the last of the three Blue Apron meals of a seared salmon with saffron yogurt sauce which was good.

Fantastic brunch at Macrina of breakfast pot pie, squash and brussels hash, fruit and bacon!
Fantastic brunch at Macrina of breakfast pot pie, squash and brussels hash, fruit and bacon!

Sunday night we fought the darkness and headed WAY over to the eastside to Issaquah to catch the friends and family dress rehearsal of Valerie’s musical of Singin’ in the Rain that she is the solo violinist for through January.  It was a great show, talented cast and top notch music.  We really enjoyed the show and by the time we were home it was unfortunately bed time.

Fantastic musical and fun night.
Fantastic musical and fun night.


Thankfully we have a fun-filled week ahead of us…starting with tonight’s Seahawks game against the Bills!


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