HP Halloween 2016

This holiday weekend was not really eventful in terms of Halloween festivities for us but today at work I had fun dressing up with my fellow coworkers to characters of Harry Potter for our annual Halloween potluck and costume party.  There was a strong showing for both outfits and potluck dishes and was a nice break from the usual work tasks.

Dressing up as Hermione is actually extremely easy for me.  Put on a dark skirt, sweater, shirt and tie of Bryan’s and do my hair like normal but adding a little frizz to the curl mix by blowing it out.  Put on some tights and flat shoes and no one mistook me for anyone else today.  My eyeball deviled eggs were all eaten up by the end of the day and I got my fill of fried chicken, several salads, and a slew of sugary treats.

The hardest part about the whole party was finding a space in our office large enough to get a group photo.  We probably spent 15 minutes walking around the office to get the shot.

Happy Halloween!

This weekend included a big win for both of our teams but an unfortunate loss to the Saints for the Seahawks, a dinner out just the two of us in Capitol Hill Friday night and a dinner out with Bryan’s visiting T4K buddy and his friends on Saturday night, a Yelp sponsored Barre Class for me, a solo church gathering for me, a BBQ class for Bryan with Andrew, and a long Sunday spent cleaning and reading for me.


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