Go Blue!

Happy Friday!  Very much indeed, need the weekend.  It’s been one wet week and I’m ready for curling up and watching the big UM vs. MSU game tomorrow morning.  *I’m trying really hard not to post Mom’s video of singing the MSU fight song on here that she sent to Chad and I this afternoon while wearing her green and white.  It’s extremely entertaining though.

My counter to mom's video.  Go blue!
My counter to mom’s video. Go blue!

This week was a good week and I feel in a much better mood than I did in my first week at 30.  It helped that I got in two yoga classes this week, both on pouring cats and dogs days, that really helped lift my mood.  And they were both pretty tough.  They have been a nice reprieve after work and I can already tell that my balance and flexibility is getting back to what it once was.

Flashback to last Saturday when Bryan made me the best birthday cake ever...really the best cake ever!
Flashback to last Saturday when Bryan made me the best birthday cake ever…really the best cake ever!

I also had a great dinner meeting on Tuesday with SEAW that was socially excellent on many levels.  First, I sat next to someone who was really interesting and really interested in my work and then at the end of the conversation we both found out that we went to UM, although he is probably 30 years my senior.  I then met another really interesting guy who grew up in Ohio (boo) but went to school at Hope College.  I got to reconnect with my friend from the Young Member Forum (YMF) days when I was social chair who also got married this summer.  And finally I got to catch up with my mentor friend Scott, whose wife volunteers with Bryan and I every Thursday at FareStart.  Plus the meeting was really interesting and informative and the dinner was great.

We had a nice night at FareStart on Thursday as I got to play hostess with the mostess.  It was also one of our favorite chefs doing the main entree although it wasn’t my favorite dinner.  Speaking of dinner I did try lamb again and this Mediterranean type braised lamb in the slow cooker came out really quite good if I do say so.  I also made Bryan make a run in the rain (but with the Jeep) to Menchies on Wednesday night to satisfy my cravings.  It was entertaining to say the least as we both looked like mental people who left the hospital in our pajama pants.

Guest chefs in the FareStart kitchen.
Guest chefs in the FareStart kitchen.

TGIF and Go Blue!


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