First Week

My first week into my 30s is in the books.  It was rather uneventful and surprisingly long compared to every other week recently.  Hopefully that is not a sign of what is to come…long.  There were some nice treats for the week though.

  1. The Seahawks got a win for us on Sunday against the Falcons in a nail biter.
  2. Went on a site tour with a few coworkers to looks at some of the existing similar stations and had a warming lunch of teriyaki with them in the Othello neighborhood.
  3. Dined at Etta’s for the steal-of-a-deal Seattle Restaurant Week lunch with a coworker.  We had a great curry cashew and bacon salad, Rub With Love salmon with cornbread pudding and shitake relish and green beans, and a fantastic peanut butter chocolate cookie that I had to wait to eat at my desk because I was so stuffed.

    Delicious and $18.
    Delicious and $18.
  4. Got to a yoga class for the first time in ages and really felt loose the rest of the week.
  5. Marika and Randy had us over for dinner to celebrate my birthday and she went all out for us; filet mignon, salad with mozzarella and avocado, green beans, butternut squash ravioli in a butter sage sauce and a lemon tart for dessert, plus a lot of wine and she gave me a framed picture of us from the wedding and some Seahawks gear.
  6. FareStart was nearly sold out this week with the Caffe Vita all stars again.  The starters which were served as family style were amazing (beet and chevre salad, beef tartare, ahi tuna, and crab and snap pea salad) as was the dessert of a chocolate, cherry and toffee cookie with Caffe Vita ice cream but Josh Henderson’s duck breast was not the best.  I ate my wait in beef tartare and salads so that was fine.

And this weekend we should have time to watch some football, get some stuff done around the house and attend a fall-themed party on Saturday.  TGIF!


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