And So It Comes

I’m turning 30.  I truly cannot believe it and don’t know where that last decade went.  We watched Dazed and Confused and it reinforced that I am far, FAR, away from those high school years.  But that’s okay.  30s will be good for me I’m sure and I’m ready for them, I guess.30

This week was thoroughly uneventful.  After our long weekend in Whidbey and the Sunday night FareStart Gala, I was more than ready to not dress up or wear heals for a few days.  We spent all three nights at home, with home cooked dinners and PJ time.  Now we are already to Thursday and instead of FareStart tonight we will be flying to L.A. for a long weekend for my birthday.  I’m very much looking forward to this getaway.  Especially since as of today, it is going to be wet and wild all weekend long in Seattle.  L.A. is looking like the temperatures will be cool but at least it won’t be raining.

I got my yearly birthday Barre class in, tying some loose strings up at work and then we are heading to Cali! And soon I will have to work on my list for the upcoming decade.


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