Witte Wedding

This weekend was the wedding weekend celebrating Philipp and Sara.  It was a Pacific Northwest wedding to a “T” and really beautifully done.  We both enjoyed the opportunity to head over to Whidbey Island and spend a weekend with our friends wining and dining and having some fun.

Friday morning we left bright and early from Seattle, picking up Stephan and Ewelina on the way to head north to the Mukilteo-Whidbey ferry.  We were on the 10 am ferry to Whidbey and the short 15 minute ride got us on the island with enough time to head over to Useless Bay Coffee House in Langley, WA to grab an espresso before dropping the wedding party off at the venue to help the bridge and groom set up.  I actually took the Jeep on my own (?!?) to find somewhere to do some work while I waited for our Airbnb cottage to be ready for check-in.  Luckily, the Langley Library was cozy and warm on the gray and windy day and provided the perfect space to get a few things done.  By 1:30 pm I was notified our cottage was ready and I headed over to tour the grounds and settle in to our room.  I picked the Studio for Bryan and I with a queen size bed, kitchenette, soaking tub and views of Sunlight Beach and the Sound.  It was a lovely cottage and really serene atmosphere.  All the rooms were well done so I don’t feel like anyone lacking in accommodations.

Mark, Bryan and Philipp returned from rehearsal and we caught up with snacks on the deck before getting ready for the rehearsal dinner.  We all carpooled together to Orchard Kitchen where a very intimate barn-style farm to table dinner was about to occur.  The barn was complete with garden and chicken coop but was super lovely.  Once guests were arrived they started us off with amuses of cucumber gazpacho and pork confit bites along with pours of wine before starting in on the delicious four-course menu.  The chef welcomed us to the dinner and then Philipp’s parents gave a very cute toast and presented their thoughtful advice to the wedding couple.  The dinner was hours long and the menu was good:

  • Soup of Fall Squash, Crème Fraiche Chantilly, Toasted Seeds & Pumpkin Oil
  • Salad of Ebb Tide Arugula & Baby Beets, Grilled Onions, Herbed Fromage Blanc, Cider Vinegar Gastrique
  • Slow Cooked Wild Coho Salmon, Sweet Corn & Scarlet Runner Succotash, Crispy Potato Rosti
  • Crème Caramel, Roasted Italian Plums & Almond
Beautiful atmosphere for the rehearsal dinner.
Beautiful atmosphere for the rehearsal dinner.

After the rehearsal dinner we all walked over to the bar down the street to meet up with the rest of the guests for a beer.  Around 11 pm we headed home, with Philipp, spent some time getting to know those we didn’t know in the house and then headed to bed.

Saturday morning Bryan was on groomsmen duties starting at 10 am.  That meant he didn’t get to watch really any of the Texas vs Oklahoma game but I gave him score updates.  Meanwhile, I had several hours at the cottage to relax.  I helped with the group brunch and chatted for a long time with people.  Around noon there was sliver of sunshine and I headed out for what was a very windy 4 mile run, my first run since the half marathon.  Just before the wedding ceremony it started to rain.  When all of us in the house were ready we carpooled to the ceremony where delays in the ferry caused delays in the ceremony.  I had baby duties while Billy and Valerie played music for the ceremony and when the winds and rain died down the wedding guests made our way to the outdoor seating.  I tried my best to keep Ainsley dry and warm and the ceremony was very sweet and touching.  Sara looked beautiful and happy and we all headed back into the Fireseed Lodge for cocktail hour and appetizers.

Sara did a beautiful job with all of the decorations.  The flower arrangements were beautiful.  The guest fingerprint tree was really cute.  The candles and modern but rustic nature of the barn just meshed so well.  At this point I was baby free and ready for some wine.  The cocktail hour lasted awhile and then finally we were called to dinner.  Sara’s mom said a wonderful blessing and then we were called up for the buffet dinner.  The food was exceptional, really enjoying the local foods and the German-style chicken with spatzle was a nice touch.  The toasts began and we had five toasts, lengthy but all enjoyable.  Cake was cut and served, along with pie, but I luckily got a slice of the delicious chocolate almond cake.

A quick cup of coffee to keep me fueled and then I was soon with baby in hand for the playing of their first dance.  This opened up the dance floor and we had a full 3.5 hours of dancing.  Everyone was enjoying themselves but everyone seemed to already be falling into hibernation mode and was needing extra fuel and motivation to keep dancing.  We took a few quick trips to the photo booth and then at 10 pm the last song played and we headed back to our cottage.  Bryan, Tina, David, Jeff, and Fedya and I were all down for the count so we put in Some Like It Hot, got some more beers and chips and as good as the movie was the coziness had me out not long at all.

Sunday morning was a beautifully sunny morning at first, making it easier to wake up.  We talked over coffee and cleaned up the cottage before heading over the day-after brunch at Useless Bay Coffee where we said a quick hello to the new Mr. and Mrs. and picked up Stephan and Ewelina to take back to Seattle.  The ride back was smooth and we were home around 1 pm.

I would have liked to have been a bit more energized for the wedding but we had such a good time seeing many people we hadn’t seen since our own wedding and some we haven’t seen since past ski trips.  We are very happy for Philipp and Sara in their new life together.


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