Relax, Be Happy

Another week that has just flown by for us.  It was a good week…probably still on a runner’s high from Sunday.  Let’s see:

  • Bryan got a sports therapy massage from Donald on Monday night that put him in a good mood
  • I had a sports therapy massage by Donald on Tuesday night which put me in a good mood
  • Two dinners at home included a slow cooker mustard and sage pork roast with my first-ever soft polenta and carrots and a Thai peanut and pork vegetable and noodle stirfry

    Peanut noodles and pork.
    Peanut noodles and pork.
  • A dinner meeting at Ivar’s with my coworker and pal Maureen to listen to Sound Transit’s thought process behind their ST 3 Proposal set to go out for vote in November
  • My once-a-week bike ride on Wednesday
  • Our annual promotion celebration in the office on Thursday afternoon with a good turnout
  • Followed quickly thereafter by our weekly FareStart GCN featuring Spiga with a comforting Italian dinner of:  ARANCINE AI FRUTTI DI MARE:  Seafood Risotto Croquettes With Fennel Slaw, GUANCIA DI MAIALE:  Milk Braised Pork Cheeks With Shoe String Yams And Sauteed Lacinato Kale and TORTA DI MANDORLE:  Almond Yogurt Cake With Seasonal Fresh Fruit And Crème Fraiche.  Everything was delicious, seriously delicious Italian food!  Oh, and if you watch the super short clip from the restaurant’s Facebook page she must be an MSU grad.

And tonight I have a girls night out for dinner and drinks with Polly that I am pretty excited about!  Poor Bryan has unfortunately been feeling under the weather the past few days so he might just be enjoying a relaxing night in.  Great sunny weather we have been having but definitely a fall nip in the air.  Fall is here and October is near.


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